Can i eat apple at night time yes or no

If you are wondering whether it’s safe to eat an apple at night, the answer is yes! To be more specific, if you have an apple with dinner or right before bed, there shouldn’t be any harm done. That said, eating apples at night might not be the best idea for some people. In this article we’ll discuss why eating apples at night can cause problems for some people and how to maximize your health by choosing the best time to eat them.

You should avoid eating apples at night.

You should avoid eating apples at night.

Apple is one of the most healthy fruits, and it has many benefits to your body. If you like to eat apples in the morning or in the afternoon, it is ok. But if you want to eat apples at night time, then it is not advisable because there are some side effects of eating an apple during nighttime.

It is best not to eat anything heavy before going to bed as they can cause acid reflux and heartburn which can disturb your sleep pattern and make it difficult for you to fall asleep at night time.

Is it dangerous to eat apple at night

It is not safe to eat apple at night. It is dangerous to eat apple at night. You should avoid eating apples at night, even if they are organic and locally sourced, because they will rot your teeth and give you bad breath.

This is because apples contain a lot of sugar, which can damage the enamel on your teeth, making them more susceptible to cavities. Also, when you’re asleep and not brushing or flossing your teeth regularly (and maybe even drinking things like soda or alcohol), acids in food build up on your teeth and start causing cavities before bedtime!

The best time for eating apples would be during daylight hours when the sun’s UV rays can help neutralize these acids and keep them from damaging your mouth as much as it does when there aren’t any lights around nearby that could prevent this from happening so quickly after eating something sugary like an apple.”

Eat apples in the morning or afternoon.

You can eat apples in the morning and afternoon. But avoid eating apples at night time. Apples are a good source of vitamin C and fiber, so they’re great for your health. Eating them at night will give you plenty of energy to get through your day!

Best time to eat apple morning or night

Apple is a healthy snack and it can be eaten at any time of the day. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind while eating apple.

There are some days when we feel like eating an apple after dinner or when we are sleepy. This is fine and people do this often but it may not be the right thing to do. The best time for having an apple would be morning or afternoon time because your body needs energy at that time so this will give your body more energy than anything else.


Eating apples at night is not recommended. You should avoid eating apples at night if possible. Eating apples in the morning or afternoon is highly recommended. Check this link 

Does web development have a future

Web development is a lucrative career option. A web developer can work at home or in an office, depending on the client’s requirement. You needn’t be located near your customer’s location to work as a web developer; remote working is possible with the help of internet technology. You may create websites from scratch or modify existing ones by adding content, modifying design elements etc.

HTML is a language and not a software.

HTML is not a software, but it is a markup language used to create web pages by adding elements such as headings, lists, paragraphs and images. HTML has been around since the early days of the internet. HTML was first developed in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee who was working on his Ph.D at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). The code consists of different tags that can be added to your web page using two main tags: and . These tags tell your browser where the html starts and ends so you can see the text or image that’s inside them on your website when it opens up in your browser window.

The html element is used to add content into our document such as paragraphs, headings or links etc…

HTML is the standard markup language used to create web pages.

>HTML is the most popular markup language, used to create web pages. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language and it’s not a programming language.

However, if you want to build an interactive website or add more advanced features such as forms or buttons, then you’ll need to learn some programming.

The job of a web developer varies with respect to the programming languages he uses.

The job of a web developer varies with respect to the programming languages he uses. Some web developers use HTML, CSS and JavaScript while others use PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, Python and other languages. There is also a niche market of web developers that specialize in one particular programming language like C# or Java; they may have fewer job opportunities available but might get paid more than generalist web developers who have learned different programming languages over time.

Web development has a bright future as most companies have advanced to online portals from physical stores.

It’s true that web development is a growing industry, but don’t let that make you think it’s a secure career choice. The future of web development depends heavily on the way people use technology in their daily lives. If we keep going down this path, then I think it’s safe to say that web development has a bright future.

If you’re thinking of getting into web development, now is the time! It’s an exciting field with lots of possibilities for growth and change. But remember: always keep your eye on how consumers are using technology—and what kind of changes they want from their devices.


Web development has a bright future as most companies have advanced to online portals from physical stores. Companies have recognized the importance of Web development and are hiring more and more web developers. Thanks to this trend, there’s a big demand for skilled professionals who can help create awesome websites and applications. If you wants to know more about Web development – Write for us.

Different Ways You Earn Chips In POP! Slots

Chips are the currency used in the POP! Slot casino games and these chips are very important for entering into bigger competition and jackpots. The more chips you have in your account the more games you can play. When you have more chips you have more chances of winning big in the game but if you have limited chips you won’t be able to compete and try your luck in various slots and thus you have a limited chance of winning big in the game.

There are several ways to earn chips in the game and some people even use unethical ways to earn those chips for free without doing anything. Now, you may be thinking that unethical ways could be dangerous and lead to ban or suspension of your account but it is not at all true, the game hacks like the chips generator are designed in a way that the game servers won’t be able to find out how these chips came to your account and you can utilize them in your game anytime.

If you want to earn free chips and move ahead of the other players, do visit the website, where you will be able to generate more chips and add them to your account easily. The procedure to earn those chips is very easy and you can read the whole instructions on the website. But apart from that if you want to earn chips in ethical ways daily, then you should look at these basic tips of the game below.

Every day Prizes

The Daily Prizes is an incredible way and this strategy rewards you with a huge amount of chips after you sign into the game. If you’ve been playing the game for a lengthy timeframe, you may have to restart the game so you can guarantee the prizes when you sign in again. The sum you gain from Daily Prizes alone ought to have the option to assist with getting you in a good place again to win more chips. Once you guarantee it, you won’t have the option to get more for 24 hours.

Level Up

Leveling up is an incredible method to get free chips, depending on your level, you could be given an absurd measure of chips free of charge. There are numerous approaches to step up in the game, yet the easiest strategy is to cultivate Shared Balloons in casinos. Leveling up additionally has different advantages like unlocking more Casinos to play in and giving you more prizes to get your hands on.

Prize Paths

The Prize Path is POP! Slot Casino’s version of a Battle Pass. Aside from loads of different prizes, it additionally remunerates you with countless Chips once in some time. This is a decent method to acquire them, however, it expects you to play a few games in request to step up your Prize Path. This technique is truly difficult and can’t be utilized when you’re quite bankrupt. However, it is an extraordinary method to increase your chips when you’re low.

Time Bonus

At regular intervals in the game, you are given few chips that can get you in a good place again. To guarantee these Time Bonuses, you’ll need to return to the main entryway and snap on the huge Yellow Balloon on the lower-center side of the screen. The sum you get relies upon your level, so it’s ideal to step up to increase your free stuff got.

Websites Where You Can Host Your Pictures For Free!!

You may have stored a lot of pictures on your smartphone and PC/laptops but at some point in time, you are going to fill that provided space. So when you are left with no space you need to buy external storage to store your data. Nowadays mostly all of us are more addicted to capturing moments by clicking pictures or making videos and it captures your free space very quickly which means you have no delete something from your device or move it to some other storage. Now deleting your memories could be a difficult task and not everyone does that.

Here you need cloud storage where you can upload your pictures for free and download them anytime on your device when you want to upload them on social media or if you want to share them with someone. There are several free image hosting websites on the internet that you can use to upload your pictures and clear up the space from your device. If you are willing to know about the free cloud storage options, keep reading the article below.

Google Photos

Google photos have no unlimited storage option but are still considered as one of the best image storing places on the internet due to several reasons. Google photos allow you to save 15 GB of data and it is synced with your Google account making it secure. The inbuilt editor allows you to create collages and animations. Google photos application is very intelligent in organizing your pictures and it becomes really easy to find the picture you want according to date, time, or name.


Imgur on the other hand provides unlimited storage of your pictures and you can upload pictures with just a click or dragging from your gallery. You can upload pictures from your smartphone as well. There is no doubt that it is the most loved place by Redditors who desperately look for memes and other pictures. You can save your pictures here and share them anytime with a sharable link. If you want to display your pictures to the world, you can do it by posting them in the community. Read more about Imgur and downloading the pictures from Imgur here!!


Dropbox allows a very limited amount of storage with only 2 GB of content can be stored but still many people love to store their content here. You can store images, videos, and text here and download them or share them with anyone very easily. Dropbox allows you to sync the camera roll of your smartphone adn thus you can save your smartphone storage quite easily. Many people use it to save images to access them while they want to display them to their clients. Dropbox can be accessed on your pc or laptop as well and you can sync those devices also.


500px hosts pictures of more than 12 million photographers and people come here to take inspiration from these people. You can find new clients here who will buy your pictures at a good price and you can share your pictures or albums anytime with anyone. The platform works like a social media platform as you get features of social media such as likes, comments, and followers. A large number of famous companies and magazine editors come here daily to get something useful and interesting. So, it is a great place to get noticed by the best in your community by following your passion.

Best Water Bottles You Can Buy To Measure Water Intake

Now we are in a world where we track every single step that we walk every day, then tracking water intake is a very thing as you all must know that water is the most essential thing that we need to survive. Water helps us in any way apart from removing the thirst for water or anything liquid. Drinking more water leads to good digestion, clearer skin, and improved brain functionality. Water is even very useful while you are on a weight loss journey and using a water bottle that track and measures water intake is definitely a good way to know how much water your body requires and how much water you’re actually consuming in the whole day. For tracking your water intake we have shortlisted some great water bottles that can help you in achieving your water consumption goals. 

Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

The Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle is designed to track your water intake with every sip you consume. The water bottle is considered as the best intelligent water bottle that not only helps you in keeping a track of water intake but it motivates you to meet your daily water requirements by reminding you about your actual goals and how far you have reached to attain them. The water bottle can be easily bought from online eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, and some regional websites as well. The price offered is also very cheap as compared to its rivals.

Thermos Hydration Bottle With Connected Smart Lid

Thermos Hydration Bottle With Connected Smart Lid water bottle is a great companion for people who want to track the water intake but keep on forgetting about it. The water bottle is smart and it can be connected with your smartwatch with Bluetooth and it will give you all the details about the temperature, the amount of water consumed by you, the amount of water left with you and the amount of water you actually need to drink correctly to achieve your drinking goals. The water bottle is available on Amazon with some exceptional reviews from the customers.

Homecube Intelligent Induction Drinking Cup

The Homecube Intelligent Induction Drinking Cup is a 400 ml drinking container with a beautiful shape and is available in different shades. This beautiful bottle is easy to locate even if you are in the darkest places, just tap the nearest place and the water bottle will respond by lighting up and revealing its location. This smart bottle even lights up every two hours to remind you to drink water and hydrate yourself. The water bottle is comparatively cheaper than all the other smart bottles in this list and it can be purchased online from Amazon easily.

H2OPal Hydration Tracker

The H2OPal Hydration Tracker is the most costly product on this list; it simply justifies its price by providing you some exclusive features that are not available on any of the water bottles. The water bottle is lightweight, sleep in shape, easy to set up, energy-efficient, and comes with a user-friendly application that creates a log of all the data. The water bottle includes a weight and accelerometer sensor to monitor the amount of water that you have consumed. The bottle can be easily connected to your smartphone and it will give you reminders to hydrate yourself. You can easily set up your fitness goals, by adding your age, height, weight, and amount of exercise you do every day.

Importance Of Investing In Good Workout Shoes

Whether you are a fitness freak or not, keeping a good pair of short shoes in your wardrobe is a basic necessity for everyone. If you are a sprinter, athlete, a normal gym-going person, or be a normal human who occasionally does some workout or has never done a single exercise in life, keeping a pair of sports shoes is mandatory for everyone to be able to use them in everyday life and keep your feet safe, flexible and easy to move.

Investing in shoes is very important and there are numerous benefits you can get if you are investing in the right kind of shoes as per your daily usage. For this, you need to know about the type of shoes that are available in the market as per different usage. For example, if you are looking for the best shoes for weight loss then you can use both running shoes, weightlifting shoes, and even basketball shoes.

Different Type Of Shoes

In the sports industry, there are many different types of shoes like you can get running shoes if you are a sprinter, runner, or do aerobic exercises every day. These shoes are flexible, lightweight, and help you in resisting the shocks while moving. In a similar manner, there are aerobic shoes that have the same properties as running shoes. The next variety is the Tennis shoes that have a lightweight design that keeps the person free to move in any direction and helps you in keeping the grip on clay or grass. The next variety is basketball shoes which are a little thick-soled and on a heavier side as compared to other shoes. They are good for weight lifters and they keep your feet safe from injuries. The last variety you can buy is the cross-training shoes that can help you with cross-training or functional training and you can use them in various exercises while training.

Benefits Of Shoes

Stay away from Injuries and Other Pains

If you utilize any sort of shoes- – even ones for different kinds of athletic purposes- – when you run, you will wind up with the sorest feet ever. A further no-no is picking the incorrect sort of socks to exacerbate matters. For instance, cotton socks are a major no-no with regards to picking socks for running due to their propensity to cause contact against your skin. So if you are wearing cumbersome and unseemly shoes–, for example, basketball shoes– – and cotton socks that are thick, you ought to hope to see your feet not so great get-togethers running activity. It is noteworthy to bring up that this unfriendly impact will happen rapidly, as well. So if you need to keep away from rankles and the impacts of sore feet and the front of your legs put resources into a decent pair of running shoes. 

Best Fit For Your Foot

A decent pair of running shoes will likewise cause your foot to feel lighter as you run, and a reason for this is a direct result of how well it takes to the state of your foot. The issue that is brought about by the scouring of your heel against some unacceptable sort of shoe during running- – which makes the beginning of rankles – is likewise missing with the right pair of running shoes. You won’t feel this irritating scouring against your heel. Nowadays, numerous athletic shoe stores give in-store machine tests which show your foot type and, subsequently, what kind of running shoe best fits you.

Top Five Best Hoverboard Brands To Buy

There are a lot of hoverboard brands in the market that produce not only hoverboards but buy their accessories, electric scooters, electric skates, and many more things. The brands have been present for a very long time and each of them has made a massive client base of their own. But if you are buying hoverboards for the first time then which hoverboard brand should you look for? What can be the perfect brand for you? Everyone has their own perceptions and preferences and that is why we are here to help you in choosing the best brand for your hoverboard from these famous brand options.


Swagtron is a brand that spotlights safety and fun. They find additional ways to guarantee their items are as safe as conceivable while still giving a fun encounter. They sell a wide exhibit of items, including electric bikes, typical skateboards – it feels weird that I need to specify that – adornments, and surprisingly their own merchandise. In spite of the fact that their website is a bit jumbled, their client service is top level and ought to be held as the highest quality level to all the others.


If you are likewise burnt out on continually charging your hoverboard, it can get pretty irritating when you are partaking in a smooth ride and unexpectedly your battery begins to give out then the TOMOLOO hoverboards are the awesome you. The TOMOLOO hoverboard has a powerful motor that is equipped for up to 7 mph and can climb a 15-degree slant. With a reach as high as 12 miles, the battery life on this beast is around 4 hours, and its charging time is around 60 minutes.


Jetson Strike Hoverboard is one of those popular hoverboard brands that you must have heard of or many of the readers might have in their homes. The jetson company has a wide variety of self-balancing scooters, hoverkarts, and even their additional accessories. Their products are not only good in quality and quantity but additionally, their accessories are on the mark and their customer care is very efficient. They are one such brand that provides the best Bluetooth speakers in hoverboards. These self-balancing boards are capable of sustaining balancing in any terrain very easily any majorly the company focuses on that part only.


Razor is by a wide margin the most famous and broadly known hoverboard brand out there. They are world-renowned, and they were one of the absolute first hoverboard brands. For hell’s sake, they even produce their own video content. Razor is an organization that doesn’t just depend on one item. All things considered, it has a wide scope of hoverboards, adornments, and something besides electric rides. With such countless items to look over, it makes sense that Razor has something for everybody.


Megawheels items incorporate hoverboards, electric bicycles, electric bikes, and frills. A Megawheels hoverboard is a financial plan amicable alternative for a brilliant gift. Their items, particularly the hoverboards, highlight a wide exhibit of safety features including non-slip cushions, incredible self-balancing innovation, and considerably more. Other than that, the hoverboard is powered by two 250-Watt motors that can push it to a maximum velocity of 7 mph with a scope of 12 miles for each charge. At the point when you plug it in, it will require around 2–3 hours before the battery is completely energized, which is really reasonable for a long-range. It additionally has a maximum heap of 220 lbs and extraordinary Bluetooth speakers.

List Of Best Agate Stones As Per Their Usage

Stones and Crystals are very common nowadays and people prefer to buy them to protect themselves, their families or protect workplaces from negative vibes. All the crystals and stones have some distinctive energy of their own and even their varieties carry significantly different energy from each other. All stones and crystals are mined all over the globe and you can buy them from online and offline stores. Stones or Crystals can be used and worn in many ways and you people have high faith in using them in today’s world. 

Just like any other stone, the Agate stone comes in a lot of colors and varieties, and each one of them has its own advantage over others which is why every variety is important and that is why people tend to buy them. Agate stone is known for its healing qualities and people keep them in their homes and offices to protect it from negative energies surrounding you and the area where you are living. Some people even believe that the Agate stones have helped people in keeping the natural calamities at bay and keeping them safe.

As there are a lot of Agate varieties in the world and their usage depends on the properties of those stones. Here are some of the best Agate stones as per their usage in daily lives.

Fire Agate

Fire Agates are the most famous and it is well known as the spiritual flare of preeminent greatness. Gemstone Fire Agates are found with luminous hematite layers. It holds an extraordinary supernatural world inside like a profound brown-reddish color. This powerful healing stone upgrades one’s Kundalini Power. Furthermore, it likewise helps in the spiritual examination as they are diamonds of a higher realm. It is a powerful stone for spiritual development. 

Moss Agate

Moss Agates are an incredible assistant for nursery workers since they help to upgrade farming development. In the past, numerous ministers utilized Moss as a healing stone for the great harvest. Numerous different charms utilized Gemstone Moss to ensure their ruler. They likewise utilized it to make them an extraordinary warrior. Clients can send Moss Agate’s energy to their nurseries, yields, or plants. 

Blue Lace Agate 

Blue Lace Agates convey the most calming and delicate energies. Healing stone Blue Lace calms mental difficulties. Furthermore, Blue Lace effortlessly upgrades one’s certain feelings. Gemstone Blue Lace has the capacity to energize and support mental issues. Blue Lace additionally calms the sensory system and dials back a quick heartbeat. Individuals can take Blue Lace Agate’s energy for acceptable mental wellbeing. 

Eye Agate 

Eye Agates are found with eye-molded markings on them. Healing stone Eye Agates can increase assurance against hostile stares. Shockingly, stone Eye Agates can increase opposition, assurance, and persistence. It is the healing stone for assurance. Eye Agates likewise help notwithstanding bad dreams. Healing stone Eye Agates help to confront realities. Eye Agates help in issues of the conjunctiva and retina, glaucoma, and eye aggravation. It additionally helps blood vessels and the prostate. Individuals can sand Eye Agate’s energy to the quality and one’s eyes easily. 

Blood Agate 

Blood Agates are found in a characteristic red color. This Blood Stone assists with increasing strength and soundness. This healing stone can likewise increase physical endurance. It is a stone of inward equilibrium. This powerful Blood-like stone can produce internal offset with individual capacities. It helps in the turn of events and cognizant utilization of individual capacities. This healing stone fortifies the stomach, digestive system, and blood vessels.

How to pay tribute to loved ones who passed away

Do you remember the last time you saw someone alive? Was it a birthday? Christmas? Anniversary? Perhaps it was a family member who died suddenly, leaving behind a special generation of adults and children. When we lose someone to a sudden illness or accident, there are often difficult days that can follow. We feel like we’ve lost someone very special, and it can be difficult to process the fact that they’re no longer with us. 

When someone you love passes away, it can be difficult to know what to do. It’s a sad time for the whole family. In this situation, stepping back and taking your time to choose the right solution is advisable. Make an informed decision that will bring you closure and allow you to honor the memory of your loved one in the best way possible. Take note of our recommendations below if you want to know how to pay tribute to those who passed away:

  • Construct a Bench at the Burial Site: When we lose someone we should place a memorial bench near their grave so that we remember them and keep the memory alive. Place a memorial bench in the cemetery by where their grave once stood so that people can visit and reflect on the life they lived. Many people visit cemeteries every week just to look at the benches and pay their respects. 
  • Donate on Behalf of the Deceased: Often our best way to honour a deceased loved one is to give back and make a donation to an organization or charity they supported. This is an opportunity to pay tribute and remember the good times. As individuals we can choose to volunteer in our communities and recognize those who have made sacrifices for us.
  • Tattoos: Tattoos are permanent reminders of those you’re connected to but lost forever. It is a way of expressing our deepest feelings towards our loved ones. It is a way of showing our deepest emotions towards those we have lost, as well as a way of affirming our love for them.
  • Online Photo Frame: Death anniversary photo frames are the perfect way to pay tribute to your beloved deceased. They come in various sizes and can be framed using various types of paper. You can also make a death anniversary photo frame online with editing option in it. There are certain tools and websites that can assist to make the perfect online photo frame. It is a great idea to use a death anniversary photo frame with online editing option to pay tribute and respect to your deceased loved ones.
  •  Build a Memorial: If you are a loved one who has passed away, a memorial is something you can do to remember them by. Most people have some sort of favorite object or memory they would like memorialized in stone. You could create a simple stone plaque or glass bowl. You could also choose to have a featured image created for your memorial using photography or artwork. Making the design a little something special allows others to remember you by creating a lasting memory instead of just a number.

Brief Info About The Golden Shot In Golf Clash

The players in the golf clash game have the option to earn rewards through free sources, by winning matches in the tours and by winning the tournament. You have a lot of chances to win money, chess, gold, and gems in the game if you are regularly playing this game every day. But apart from these things, there is one more thing in the game known as the golden shot which is available for the players every two weeks. 

After playing the golden shot you get rewards as you get by playing other games in tour and tournaments. But the major difference here is that the golden shot can be played only once and there is no other chance for the player to hit the shot. So, if you want maximum rewards by playing a single stroke, you have to be very careful and your shot needs to be very accurate. To get more information about Golden shot tips golf clash game has a separate notebook where you can get all the tips for free. 

The golden shot is held after two weeks to give players feedback about their golfing skills and how accurate they are in playing the game. The main aim of a golden shot is to shoot the ball as close as possible to the pin and the rewards are based on the distance that you have traveled with that shot. The shot even checks whether you are able to shoot accurate shots even if you are not prepared and how you respond to instant games.

You can use your own equipment in the game like your own club, balls, driver, and other things but the game also provides the equipment to the users on its own. The game will provide you with Golden Driver, Golden Wedge, Golden Long Iron, Golden Short Iron, and other things to make sure that are not left with anything before hitting your perfect golden shot. This equipment ensures that you can perform your shot without any prior experience and training.

However, the conditions provided while hitting the golden shot make it worse for the user to land near the pin. The conditions are really tough and you must have that precision in your shot without any prior training or experience to land it as close as possible. If you want to know how to hit your perfect golden shot for the first time, read these important points below.

How To Prepare

You ought to just zero in on your shot as you just have 30 seconds to set everything up before the shot. You’ll need to choose a club and change its rings appropriately. There are numerous different clubs that the game gives you an alternative to browse. It is prescribed that you attempt to make the effort utilizing the Golden Long Iron. After you’ve picked your club, you’ll need to set the rings. The most ideal choice for the Golden Long Iron is 0.6 rings per 1.0 wind.

How To Perform

It’s time you should simply execute the shot. Recollect that you have just 30 seconds to change everything and hit the ideal shot. Simply unwind, take a full breath, and afterward at long last make the effort when the bar lines up consummately. Before you make your effort, you ought to likewise add 1 reverse-pivot to the ball. This will help it land all the more tranquility on the level and will assist you with evening your odds of accomplishment on the occasion.