Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Viscose Fabric

Viscose is a very good fabric that is cheap and fulfills the desire of many other fabrics. It can feel like cotton when you wear it and look like silk or linen when you see it with your eyes. The fabric is made of tree pulp but some added chemicals and man-made substances make it more attractive and half artificial also. The fabric can be easily bought from any market and the most popular clothes made of this fabric are evening dresses, blouses, t-shirts, and shirts. But just like every other thing in this world, this fabric also has some upsides and some downsides as well. So, if you are planning to buy something made of viscose, check the advantages and disadvantages of this fabric and then only decide whether you want to buy it or not.

Some Advantages of Viscose Fabric


If you are thinking, is viscose breathable? Then the answer to your question is yes. The stuff from which the fabric is made gives a more cotton-like feel and it is very airy. The sir can run through the fabric very easily and it is a great option for people who love to go out in summer for a job, for the gym, and for any sort of physical activity. The fabric is very light and does not hold water for a very long time, so even if you sweat a lot, you can expect the fabric to get dry within some time.

Cheap yet Provides a Luxury Feel

We all want to look gorgeous and smart in every dress that we wear but for that, we have to spend a lot of money on good fabrics and clothes. But at the same time, you can invest the money in viscose fabric which is cheap and imitates luxury clothes.

Easy to Dye

The fabric can take any color very easily and it is not a very difficult task to dye this fabric. The fabric allows the color to stand intact for a very long time and it never loses the color that is dyed on it. Even if you dye it with the darkest color, the fabric won’t fade easily.

Some Disadvantages Of Viscose Fabric

Cannot Wash It At Home

The fabric is not easy to be washed at home and you need to take your viscose clothes to the dry cleaner only. So, it means that you have to pay for cleaning your clothes which makes it really hard to wear these clothes regularly. You can wear them in regular intervals but you cannot wear them on a daily basis, as paying every day to dry clean is not a good or smart idea.

Not Healthy For Environment

We all know that this fabric is made of tree pulp which is completely natural but due to the addition of certain chemicals in the making process it becomes more artificial and it has some adverse effects on the environment and the people. The toxins are released into the water and into the air which makes both the natural sources bad for humans.

Low Resilience

Viscose has low resilience which makes it wrinkle easily. This can happen when it interacts with water or at high temperatures. Both of these components can demolish their elasticity and solidness. That is the reason we prescribe to not iron it or let the fabric get wet over and over again.

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