Different Ways You Earn Chips In POP! Slots

Chips are the currency used in the POP! Slot casino games and these chips are very important for entering into bigger competition and jackpots. The more chips you have in your account the more games you can play. When you have more chips you have more chances of winning big in the game but if you have limited chips you won’t be able to compete and try your luck in various slots and thus you have a limited chance of winning big in the game.

There are several ways to earn chips in the game and some people even use unethical ways to earn those chips for free without doing anything. Now, you may be thinking that unethical ways could be dangerous and lead to ban or suspension of your account but it is not at all true, the game hacks like the chips generator are designed in a way that the game servers won’t be able to find out how these chips came to your account and you can utilize them in your game anytime.

If you want to earn free chips and move ahead of the other players, do visit the website, where you will be able to generate more chips and add them to your account easily. The procedure to earn those chips is very easy and you can read the whole instructions on the website. But apart from that if you want to earn chips in ethical ways daily, then you should look at these basic tips of the game below.

Every day Prizes

The Daily Prizes is an incredible way and this strategy rewards you with a huge amount of chips after you sign into the game. If you’ve been playing the game for a lengthy timeframe, you may have to restart the game so you can guarantee the prizes when you sign in again. The sum you gain from Daily Prizes alone ought to have the option to assist with getting you in a good place again to win more chips. Once you guarantee it, you won’t have the option to get more for 24 hours.

Level Up

Leveling up is an incredible method to get free chips, depending on your level, you could be given an absurd measure of chips free of charge. There are numerous approaches to step up in the game, yet the easiest strategy is to cultivate Shared Balloons in casinos. Leveling up additionally has different advantages like unlocking more Casinos to play in and giving you more prizes to get your hands on.

Prize Paths

The Prize Path is POP! Slot Casino’s version of a Battle Pass. Aside from loads of different prizes, it additionally remunerates you with countless Chips once in some time. This is a decent method to acquire them, however, it expects you to play a few games in request to step up your Prize Path. This technique is truly difficult and can’t be utilized when you’re quite bankrupt. However, it is an extraordinary method to increase your chips when you’re low.

Time Bonus

At regular intervals in the game, you are given few chips that can get you in a good place again. To guarantee these Time Bonuses, you’ll need to return to the main entryway and snap on the huge Yellow Balloon on the lower-center side of the screen. The sum you get relies upon your level, so it’s ideal to step up to increase your free stuff got.

Brief Info About The Golden Shot In Golf Clash

The players in the golf clash game have the option to earn rewards through free sources, by winning matches in the tours and by winning the tournament. You have a lot of chances to win money, chess, gold, and gems in the game if you are regularly playing this game every day. But apart from these things, there is one more thing in the game known as the golden shot which is available for the players every two weeks. 

After playing the golden shot you get rewards as you get by playing other games in tour and tournaments. But the major difference here is that the golden shot can be played only once and there is no other chance for the player to hit the shot. So, if you want maximum rewards by playing a single stroke, you have to be very careful and your shot needs to be very accurate. To get more information about Golden shot tips golf clash game has a separate notebook where you can get all the tips for free. 

The golden shot is held after two weeks to give players feedback about their golfing skills and how accurate they are in playing the game. The main aim of a golden shot is to shoot the ball as close as possible to the pin and the rewards are based on the distance that you have traveled with that shot. The shot even checks whether you are able to shoot accurate shots even if you are not prepared and how you respond to instant games.

You can use your own equipment in the game like your own club, balls, driver, and other things but the game also provides the equipment to the users on its own. The game will provide you with Golden Driver, Golden Wedge, Golden Long Iron, Golden Short Iron, and other things to make sure that are not left with anything before hitting your perfect golden shot. This equipment ensures that you can perform your shot without any prior experience and training.

However, the conditions provided while hitting the golden shot make it worse for the user to land near the pin. The conditions are really tough and you must have that precision in your shot without any prior training or experience to land it as close as possible. If you want to know how to hit your perfect golden shot for the first time, read these important points below.

How To Prepare

You ought to just zero in on your shot as you just have 30 seconds to set everything up before the shot. You’ll need to choose a club and change its rings appropriately. There are numerous different clubs that the game gives you an alternative to browse. It is prescribed that you attempt to make the effort utilizing the Golden Long Iron. After you’ve picked your club, you’ll need to set the rings. The most ideal choice for the Golden Long Iron is 0.6 rings per 1.0 wind.

How To Perform

It’s time you should simply execute the shot. Recollect that you have just 30 seconds to change everything and hit the ideal shot. Simply unwind, take a full breath, and afterward at long last make the effort when the bar lines up consummately. Before you make your effort, you ought to likewise add 1 reverse-pivot to the ball. This will help it land all the more tranquility on the level and will assist you with evening your odds of accomplishment on the occasion.

Wild Rift Game : All Major Things You Should Know

The league of legends is one of the most popular games on PC in the world right now and the Wild Rift is another riot games production mainly for the mobile gaming platform. The wild rift game came in the year 2020 for the users and it is also known as the modified version of the Summoners Rift. The game developers have worked hard on redesigning many of the game’s favorite characters and skins to make it more fresh and new for the users.

The mobile gameplay is still 5 vs 5 but the map that you get is a little smaller but you get different player abilities, new casts, and a good 15 minutes of gameplay. The company is ready to tie up with the Tencent games, which is one of the best when it comes to mobile gaming. So, now you can expect more interesting features and a more user-friendly interface while playing.

In the Wild rift game, you are supposed to move up by ranking u from tier one which is iron to the last tier which is the challenger. Each tier is subdivided into four sub-tiers from four being the lowest to the first being the highest. You need to win constant games to rank up. For players who are new to this game, the riot games even started a ranked fortitude system where a player never loses a point until a certain level to rank up faster. Even though some players who do not believe are wasting time using professional services like boosting rank from websites like, which is dedicated to boosting your rank rift rank and players can move up further at a faster rate.

The game is free to play and the riot games have put all their effort into making the game more playable and more enjoyable for the user by adding new characters, fresh abilities and made it free of cost to be downloaded. The beta version of this game is available in regions like North America, Middle East, Europe, Vietnam, Oceania, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia, CIS.

Like the original game made for the PC, the players and characters can be unlocked by playing games and leveling up but however just like the PC version, you can speed up the process of leveling up by purchasing characters and skins. Just like the blue essence which is the currency in the league of the legends PC version, the blue motes serve the people as the in-game currency\ to unlock the champions. Poro coins are another currency available in the game to buy other superhero stuff like the champion poses, emotes, and baubles. 

Wild Cores is known as the paid currency of the game which is available to buy character skins and other hero cosmetics. However, for now, the skins and other stuff resemble much like the league of legends stuff but surely one this game comes into every mobile, they will start rolling out separate skins and game stuff for the mobile version.

The gameplay is similar to the league of legends gameplay that you may have played on your PC. However, for smooth functioning on the mobile, some skills of the champions are adjusted to make it easier to play. Otherwise, the controls are the same, you get a dual control stick setup, with a left stick for moving your player and the right stick will assist you in aiming the abilities of your player.

Know Everything About The Clash Royale Game

Clash Royale is a highly successful virtual multiplayer combat battlefield that is one of the highest-grossing games on both the Google Play store and apple store. Created by the very same creators as Clash of Clans—Supercell—the gameplay casts players with opponents all over the globe in high and fast-paced encounters. 

Game Features

  • Earn your boxes to activate prizes, obtain potentially powerful items and update existing stuff. 
  • Break the opposition’s buildings and capture the Crowns to receive the Crown’s epic vaults. 
  • Create and update your Battle Royale community cards set together with hundreds of your beloved Clash warriors, casts, and protections. 
  • Create your supreme combat set to beat your enemies. 
  • Step through various battlefields all the way up to the top edge  
  • Create a Tribe to exchange items and create your own combat group. 
  • Keep challenging your Clanmates as well as your colleagues to a personal battle. 
  • Practice various fighting techniques by watching professional matchups on Royale Television.

The Main Motive Behind Game

Utilizing a deck of eight different cards, you generate different units onto the war zone in order to take down your rival’s three pinnacles all while shielding your own. Each round lasts three minutes and whoever takes out the most pinnacles dominates the game. If any player takes out their rival’s middle pinnacle, they will consequently dominate the match.

Know About Cards

Cards are what you use to play units onto the combat zone. There are over a little more than 50 different cards in the game, and each card has different capacities, details, qualities, and shortcomings. The game begins you off with a full fight deck of cards — which is eight — however you can gather more cards as you play the match and dominate matches. 

Not all cards are made equivalent; some are significantly more extraordinary to discover and some you can just discover whenever you have stepped up sufficiently high to fight in different battlefields.


  • Type Of Rare Cards


There are three different rarities of cards in the game — normal, uncommon, and epic. Regular cards are easy to discover in a wide range of chests, while epic cards are more enthusiastically to drop by, and generally require silver or gold chests to obtain.


  • Enhancing Cards


As you win combats, you’ll gather chests and have the option to open them. The chest holds gold, pearls, and the main cards. 

While chests can give you new cards, they will a great deal of the time give you copies of cards you as of now have. Social affair copy cards will allow you to step up your current units which cause them to turn out to be all the more remarkable.

In-Game Currency

There are two different monetary forms in Clash Royale — gold and game. Gold is fundamentally utilized for redesigning cards and purchasing cards from the shop. You’ll get gold by opening chests and winning matches. 

Gems are fundamentally utilized for opening chests early, the additional time left on the commencement to open a chest, the more jewels it will cost you to open. Gems are additionally found in chests. Both gold and chests can be purchased with genuine cash by means of in-application purchases.

But there are some other ways or you can say that there are some clash royale cheats that can be beneficial in getting more in-game currency. Take the advantage of those cheats and move further easily and quickly.

All About Geewa And Its Two Most Popular Games

Geewa is a game developer and producer from Prague, Czech Republic and it was founded in 2005. Geewa is a private organization that creates and publishes multiplayer games for most mobile devices only. Geewa is the short form used for Gaming for Everyone, Everywhere and With Anyone and this can be seen in their games as well which can be played with anyone and everywhere in the world.

At the initial time, they launched six games based on the concept of free to play games for everyone around the globe. From the year 2009, geewa started making games for Facebook and launched a pool live tour which became very famous at that very time with more than 50 million-plus user base. After some time they even developed some more games like Munchie Mania, On Words, and Prima Kvizy. But the most successful game of their company came in the mid of 2018 which was named Smashing four. The game was able to list its name in the 200 most popular games in the United States.

The company has many games in their lineup but two of the most successful games included pool live tour and smashing four. Let’s know about these two games and explore what they offer and why they became their best games ever published by geewa.

Pool Live Tour

The pool game is very simple and has reasonable graphics that can be found in a 40 MB game. But the gameplay itself makes it interesting for the player to invest most of their time into this game. The game was initially limited to Facebook in the year 2010 when it was launched and later on, it came on android devices after some years of consistent users who played it on Facebook. You get pool coins that can be used to compete against other players from all over the world. Pool coins are also used to upgrade your cues and other game stuff but it takes time to collect those coins.

Also, the cues need to be purchased apart from the one which is found at the beginning of the game. There is an option in the game by which you can customize the color of the balls. The game graphics help you in guiding where you have to shoot and aim for the pocket. The game can be played online only and you have to take turns simultaneously.

Smashing Four

Smashing Four is another online multiplayer game produced by geewa in 2018 and it follows the same gaming policy as the pool live. You have to take turns simultaneously and defeat your opponent with the least possible moves. This game however became more famous as compared to any of the games ever made by geewa including pool live tour. 

This game is based on strategy and the gameplay is very easy to understand. You have character cards who are your heroes and you have to make a squad of four characters and put them in the arena against the opponent’s team. The characters can be upgraded from the in-game store but you have to purchase gems for collecting character cards. However, in the game, you can utilize the smashing four cheats and you can get all the paid stuff for free. As compared to the pool game it has eye-catching graphics that is a huge plus for the game

Ethical And Finest Ways Of Playing Roblox Games

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online platform made by gamers for gamers. It’s a virtual space where individuals can mingle and interact, yet additionally, be imaginative and structure kinships. The main focal point of this game is on getting the clients to plan and make their own games, as well as play the games offered by the platform and different players. To mess around you need the Robux cash and you can get it for totally free from Aside from this present, we should push ahead, and here’s additional about this fantastic platform. 

Accessibility On Platforms 

Roblox is accessible for Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Xbox One. The Xbox One variant is quite clear since it’s a gaming-centered platform. Then again, handheld gadgets and PCs are multi-reason platforms, meaning that there are more things to consider there. 

For instance, the main difference between the handheld and the work area form of Roblox is that the installer needs 1 GB of hard plate space, while the versatile form needs around 80 MB. Then again, the PC variant highlights much better illustrations and a significantly better FPS rate. As this isn’t generally a game where cutting-edge designs assume a fundamental job, the way that it has a casing pace of 30 FPS is substantially more worrying. 

The gameplay experience is more than strong on all platforms, yet remember that the game gobbles up a great deal of RAM and CPU assets, so it may not function admirably on more seasoned PCs. Indeed, you can lower the illustrations, impair v-sync and be hostile to aliasing, as well as change the goal, however, if you go under 30 FPS, the gameplay experience will be borderline deplorable. 

There is a hack here, however. You can play the handheld-to-PC port which brings the versatile variant to your PC, making the entire experience smooth, even on low-end PCs. If you don’t have a mid-to high-run PC, it is suggested that you center around using this port. 

How Does It Work? 

Roblox essentially works comparatively to any MMO game out there. When signing up for the platform, you ought to make your record, entering your date of birth, sexual orientation, username, and password. When you’ve made the record, you will be diverted to a platform that isn’t excessively different from a normal interpersonal interaction site profile page. 

On your profile, you’ll have the option to see all the games that you’ve played, make feed posts, and go to your companions’ profiles. Your profile likewise shows the gatherings that you are a piece of, as well as the identifications that you’ve won. Obviously, there is a talk work that you can use to speak with your Roblox companions. 


Despite the fact that it’s something a lot greater than a simple MMO game, Roblox is still, in its very embodiment, a game. The development is the easiest aspect of the whole idea. Use W for forward, S for back, A to go left, and D to go right. Press the Spacebar to bounce. On Xbox One, utilize the route bolts to move around and A to hop. 

A much greater aspect of the genuine gameplay revolves around making games for others to appreciate and pay cash for. Roblox is tied in with becoming fruitful enough in the “game” to transform it into a benefit, all things considered.

How To Get Unlimited Stardust In Pokemon Go?

The predominant use of stardust in Pokemon Go is powering up your team. Anyone who has played Pokemon before will know how to make Pokemon better is a huge part of the game. Two ways to strengthen them are possible-use your level to lift them and capture them at an even higher standard. However, after Team Rocket’s appearance at Pokemon Go, the cleansing process often includes stardust. The number varies from 1,000 to 5,000 based on the Pokemon you choose to cleanse. Stardust can also be used to trade Pokemon-the better friends you are, the highest is ultra, low will be the cost.

Pokemon go stardust hack can help you here in getting unlimited stardust to do all the process of purifying, evolving your Pokemon, teaching them a new move and trading with a friend. These hacks are available on the internet and you can use those tips to hack into Pokemon go game.

How To Get Stardust In Pokemon Go?

These listed ways can help you out in getting more stardust in an organic way. 

  • Pokemon Catch- 100 Stardust 
  • Completion of raid battle- 500 Stardust 
  • Research: Completion of the quest process
  • Hatch of an egg- Stardust carries according to the km walked for eggs. (2,5,7,10)
  • Feeding berries to pokemons in gyms – 20 Stardust  
  • Gifts from friends – Stardust may vary here.

There’s no problem in getting stardust, it’s in huge volumes that you have to repeat the same things every time. Pokemon catching, feeding berries and even taking part in raid battles are all easy tasks-but you must do them a lot to collect the stardust that you need. That is why the Pokemon go stardust hack is here to get you unlimited stardust while you do the same thing but the result that comes out is unbelievable.

How To Take Advantage Of Hack

Even if you hack the Pokemon go game and you go around and collect the stardust but here are some of the tricks which can help you in acquiring more stardust that many of you might not know.

Make Other Pokemon Trainer Accounts

Use Multi accounts and use bot accounts to make more stardust than only one account and add your main account into these accounts and make a trade every day with your main account, reach the ultra level fast and you will be able to acquire more Pokemon candy and new rare Pokemon in your main account without facing any ban.

Go to Different Time Zones

Once you have made some other accounts as well, what you have to do now is to teleport into different time zones like travel to someplace which is behind your time zone and one which is ahead of your time zone and place pokemons in the gyms and you will receive stardust from yesterday and tomorrow in the present day.

Completing The Research Fast

When you hack the pokemon go you can go wherever you want and if you have some tasks like catch some Pokemon or collect some specific species or to evolve them you can use your other accounts to catch those pokemons from their spawn locations and make a trade with your original Pokemon go account and it is completely anti-ban method.

How I became a full-time gamer

My name is Bratt Johnson. I am a gamer and this is my story.

I was eight when I started playing video games. By the time I reached 18, I became a big-time gaming addict (which I still am). I was good with my grades. That was enough reason for my parents to not have any issue with my gaming habit. However, this changed when I reached college.

Throughout my school years, I somehow managed to do well at academics. But, once I completed my schooling and got into a college, things started going downhill. Suddenly, I started feeling the pressure of studies.

It was getting difficult for me to handle my gaming addiction and academics at the same time. I realized that I should get away from gaming. But, it wasn’t that easy. There was another problem.

I had been an introvert in my school days. Nothing changed in college. I was still hesitant in approaching people and making new friends. I found my escapade in gaming. The virtual world of gaming was my only source of fun and my only escapade from the real world.

However, there came a point in my life when I started feeling that gaming is something that has been holding me back from being my best. I started wondering if I should completely give up gaming.

That was when I met Jonathan. He is a junior from my college. I wouldn’t have known that we were in the same college if I didn’t happen to meet him at a Gaming Expo. Going to such gaming events was the only way I socialized.

At the Expo, it was Jonathan who approached me first and introduced himself. Initially, I wasn’t very interested in getting to know him. But, things started changing soon. Since that day, he started following me around and at one point in time, he even came to my place.

While I was certainly irritated by his actions, soon I realized that he was just following me only to convince me to form a team with him for a gaming contest.

While I was making efforts to get away from gaming, he was there to make me realize that I was only meant to be a gamer. I don’t know how I got so influenced by this guy, but it was only because of him that I became a full-time gamer.

I am 24 now. He is 21. We play together at world tournaments. We also have a Twitch channel which is growing popular. When we started streaming on Twitch, we had very few followers. We followed an unconventional approach and got some followers from a website. This is the website I am talking about:

Once we had enough following on our Twitch channel, we started making money. That is how we could afford to go to world tournaments every single year.

I dropped out of college 3 months ago. Jonathan is still wondering if I had taken the right decision. But, I am quite sure of what I want. My goal now is to create a platform for gamers to help them clear their head and pursue careers in gaming without a second thought. This is what keeps me going every day.