Brief Info About The Golden Shot In Golf Clash

The players in the golf clash game have the option to earn rewards through free sources, by winning matches in the tours and by winning the tournament. You have a lot of chances to win money, chess, gold, and gems in the game if you are regularly playing this game every day. But apart from these things, there is one more thing in the game known as the golden shot which is available for the players every two weeks. 

After playing the golden shot you get rewards as you get by playing other games in tour and tournaments. But the major difference here is that the golden shot can be played only once and there is no other chance for the player to hit the shot. So, if you want maximum rewards by playing a single stroke, you have to be very careful and your shot needs to be very accurate. To get more information about Golden shot tips golf clash game has a separate notebook where you can get all the tips for free. 

The golden shot is held after two weeks to give players feedback about their golfing skills and how accurate they are in playing the game. The main aim of a golden shot is to shoot the ball as close as possible to the pin and the rewards are based on the distance that you have traveled with that shot. The shot even checks whether you are able to shoot accurate shots even if you are not prepared and how you respond to instant games.

You can use your own equipment in the game like your own club, balls, driver, and other things but the game also provides the equipment to the users on its own. The game will provide you with Golden Driver, Golden Wedge, Golden Long Iron, Golden Short Iron, and other things to make sure that are not left with anything before hitting your perfect golden shot. This equipment ensures that you can perform your shot without any prior experience and training.

However, the conditions provided while hitting the golden shot make it worse for the user to land near the pin. The conditions are really tough and you must have that precision in your shot without any prior training or experience to land it as close as possible. If you want to know how to hit your perfect golden shot for the first time, read these important points below.

How To Prepare

You ought to just zero in on your shot as you just have 30 seconds to set everything up before the shot. You’ll need to choose a club and change its rings appropriately. There are numerous different clubs that the game gives you an alternative to browse. It is prescribed that you attempt to make the effort utilizing the Golden Long Iron. After you’ve picked your club, you’ll need to set the rings. The most ideal choice for the Golden Long Iron is 0.6 rings per 1.0 wind.

How To Perform

It’s time you should simply execute the shot. Recollect that you have just 30 seconds to change everything and hit the ideal shot. Simply unwind, take a full breath, and afterward at long last make the effort when the bar lines up consummately. Before you make your effort, you ought to likewise add 1 reverse-pivot to the ball. This will help it land all the more tranquility on the level and will assist you with evening your odds of accomplishment on the occasion.

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