Why Roman Numbers Are Used In The Modern World?

Roman Numerals are still educated in schools since they do show up in a number of spots, BUT they are not our standard or regular numbers we use. We have utilized Arabic numbers in our day by day life. Roman numerals are a numeral system that began in old Rome and remained the standard method of composing numbers all through Europe well into the Late Middle Ages. Numbers in this system are spoken to by mixes of letters from the Latin letters in order. 

By the eleventh century, Arabic numerals had been brought into Europe from al-Andalus, by the method of Arab brokers and number-crunching treatises. Roman numerals, in any case, demonstrated steady, staying in like manner used in the West well into the fourteenth and fifteenth hundreds of years, even in bookkeeping and different business records (where the real counts would have been made utilizing a math device). Substitution by their increasingly helpful “Arabic” counterparts was very continuous, and Roman numerals are as yet utilized today in specific settings. Roman numerals can be discovered all wherever in modern society, here are a few examples: 

  • Roman numerals are utilized to allude to lords, sovereigns, rulers, and popes. For instance; Henry VIII of England and Louis XVI of France. 
  • Numerous rivalries, for example, the Super Bowl and Olympic Games use numerals to speak to how often the occasion has been held. For instance, in 2021 it will be Super Bowl LV. 
  • Numerals can regularly be found on buildings and landmarks to signify the time of development. For instance, a structure worked in 2004 may have the numerals MMIV engraved on it. 
  • Numerous movies use numerals to state when the film was made. For instance, ‘Combatant’ was copyrighted in the year 2000 and has the numerals MM toward the finish of its credits. Another model is the film ‘Spartacus’ which has MCMLX (1960) toward the finish of its credits. 
  • Numerous clocks likewise use numerals to speak to the hours. Beforehand for the most part clocks had the roman numerals yet now the patterns have changed yet at the same time numerous individuals are there who lean toward roman numbered clocks as it looks cool. 
  • The rundown continues forever, numerals can be found in books to number the basic pages, in legitimate agreements to mean segments and subsections, to reference wars (WWI and WWII). 
  • Diagrams that utilize numbers to show various leveled connections. You can see such inquiries in numerous tests also. 
  • Generational additions, especially in the US, for individuals having a similar name across ages, for instance, William Howard Taft IV. 
  • Events of a common stupendous occasion, for example, The Summer and Winter Olympic Games (for example the XXI Olympic Winter Games; the Games of the XXX Olympiad), The Super Bowl, the yearly title round of the National Football League (for example Super Bowl XXXVII).

Apart from all the above uses, there are many more uses and many people search online for an online converter to convert normal numbers or dates into roman numbers. If you are also one of the people looking for such a calculator online, you can use the visit this link here and convert all the dates and numbers into roman numerals with just one click. These calculators are very efficient in depicting the desired results and you can trust the output value as it is a completely authentic and trustworthy solution to your search for online roman numeral calculators.

A Change That Made Me What I Am Today

Stories have always been a part of our lives that fill it with entertainment, inspirations and information. We keep coming across stories on a daily basis. Some are real while some are just to regale us. Some inspire and motivate us to take actions while some just make us laugh like a drain. Some make us happy with its comedy while some make us sad with its consecutive tragedies.

I will tell you a story completely different from all the others. It will inspire you and unfold few nods of intricacies and difficulties that hinder your survival as a working professional struggling in life just because of your own conventional doctrines and ethics.

This is the story of an accountant who had to struggle throughout his life playing with a long string of numbers and letters. How his conventional style of working dragged him down every time he wanted to rise. He indeed was very talented and industrious but his staying glued to his doctrines bestowed upon him by his family and the society made his life pathetic. Few incidents forced him to give up his bigoted principles and embrace new but highly productive ways that his conventions into pieces. The guy is no other than me. I will share my story with you that I got over my stiffness in terms of my principles and morals.

My new lab for experiments

After graduating from Delhi University in accounts as a major subject, I landed into a top MNC. My ability to deal with the numbers were the best part of me that gave me a face in the crowd and set me apart from everybody else around me

I was hired just because of my uninhibited capacity to knock down the numbers without being hit even once.

Why I kept falling down?

But the scenario here was completely different which had nothing to do with my being good with numbers. I was thrown out of the company because of my principles that suggested me not to use the technologies as it was considered to be equipment of the lames. My late submission of the projects fetched bad remarks which deteriorated my performance.

With the elapsing time, I became someone who used to be the last in any of the lists. The advent of GST made it even worse for me. I had a friend who made me understand the reason behind my lagging behind. It took me months to get the hang of what I was lacking in.

A gem that I found

I now knew how to walk neck to neck with the fast-changing market and I happily embraced the creations that were meant for our benefits only. Now using the technologies I could put an end to the tiring works like GST and other taxes within hours instead of taking weeks.

I changed and you too can…

I am now the very first to submit my projects and have been the recipient of 8 consecutive employees of the month awards in a row. My suggestion to you would be

  • Walk shoulder to shoulder with the time
  • Do not let your principles rule you
  • Embrace the inventions and technologies
  • Stay updated
  • Keep evolving

How to transcribe audio podcasts to text

As a content creator, one of the most important things that you should focus on is creating amazing content for your audience. There is nothing better than having content that helps people. While having great content helps you get more audience, there are other ways to get more followers for your content.

Audio transcription is one such thing that can really benefit you in terms of reaching out to more people and getting your content ranked on search engines like Google.

Since audio to text conversion is so important, you need to understand the different ways of converting audio to text. There are three methods of converting audio to text. Check out the methods and choose the one you find suitable.

1. Use premium transcription services

There are online transcription services that help you transcript audio files to text. These are paid services and are used by large corporations. If you have the budget to spend on professional service for converting audio or video files to text, this is a good option for you. Besides audio and video transcription services, these premium online transcription tools offer other services like translation, foreign subtitles, etc.

2. Use free online audio to text tools

These are tools that can be used for free. If you are new to digital marketing or if you are doing your marketing on a shoestring budget, online audio to text is right for you. You do not have to spend a penny for using this kind of tool. All you have to do is understand how to use them. One thing that you have to keep in mind when using this kind of tool is that you need a really quiet environment while recording your voice. This will help the tool in giving perfect results.

3. Do it yourself

Another thing that you can do for transcribing your voice to text is to do it manually. You can do this by listening to your audio or video file and typing it out as you listen. This is the oldest method in the book. The advantage of this method is that there will be very less chance of errors in the process as you will do the typing by yourself. However, you have to be very patient and listen very carefully while listening to the audio.


These were the three methods that you can use for transcribing your audio files to text. Do you know about other methods that need to be on this list? Please let us know in the comment section below.

We hope you found this post useful and informative. In case you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, let us know if you are interested in learning more about audio to text conversion and podcasts. We would be glad to share more insights with you.

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How To Develop A Love For Mathematics In Students

The depleting interest of students in maths can be observed most commonly among students approaching high schools. The increasing difficulty level and length of the question drains the students out of the love for mathematics, forcing them to turn their faces away from the subjects of the legends. The rate of students dropping this subject just after completing high school is increasing continuously.

What possibly could be the reason behind this increased empathy for maths that can be seen in the students pursuing high schools?  Is it because of their inclination towards other subjects or because of the anxiety they are subjected to while studying maths?

Maths is not confined to the four walls of the schools..

Maths is not only used in schools and tuition centres. In fact, it has a wide range that accommodates almost every aspect of our lives. The lack of interest in mathematics among the children and students can hamper their mental growth.

A negative attitude towards mathematics could considerably reduce a person’s willingness to persist with a problem, his or her ability to critically and logically analyse anything and his or ability to make perfect decisions.

Fostering an interest in extracurricular activities may help

Students who are inclined towards extra-curricular activities apart from the core subjects are likely to develop an interest in mathematics. This constructive approach with emphasis on the affective dimensions of learning, on kindling positive motivation, with stress on solving concrete, authentic tasks may pep up students’ interest in mathematics. The more we know maths, the better our critical and analytical skills get.

Be the guides of your children

As concerned parents of a student who is continuously losing interest in maths because of the difficulty level, we can help the children out and kindle that fire for maths in him just by following few points.

  • By being an example to your children which will ultimately motivate them to be like you
  • Deliberately planning to bring day to day life maths in the children’s daily life
  • Motivating children to pay attention to the details on every aspect for developing their brain to match your expectations
  • Keep a birds-eye view on your child’s homework and make sure that he or she completes it honestly
  • By exposing your wards to the different brain games and mathematical puzzles
  • Keep researching and studying to get acquainted with the learning standards to incorporate it into the child’s life
  • Provide them with the books to Read that incorporate math

The above strategies are tried and tested by the researchers and scholars that ensure the mathematical development in the student if applied meticulously and with much thought.

It is very common to lose interest in the subject because of its difficulty level that keeps increasing after each class. So, we keep on coming across the increasing dropout rates and depleting performance cards. The only way to be better at maths is to do it regularly.