Understanding The Difference Between Pins And Boards

Pinterest offers you many different collections of pictures and videos, you can find everything related to your search intent. Many people use this platform to grab more audience for their original blogs or vlogs as it is widely used by millions of people at the same time and getting noticed here can be very easy if you are aware of Pinterest marketing techniques and make content that gets the attention of people.

You can use the Pinterest application also on your mobile devices and use it from the web if you are operating from your desktop. There are some things that people still find confusing related to pins and boards on Pinterest. Here we are going to tell you about what actually is the meaning of pins on Pinterest and boards on Pinterest with some differences in both these terms.

What Is a Pinterest Pin?

A pin on Pinterest would be regarded as a normal post. Any upload that you do in your account is known as a Pinterest post or a Pinterest pin. It is similar to a Facebook or Instagram post but here it is known as a “PIN”. Just like any other post, users who are coming to see your post can comment like, and share your things, if they find them really interesting or informative. 

The pins that you post here can be images or links to websites or links to videos. You cannot directly share videos here but you can upload the link of your video or your website where you want the visitor to view the images or videos.

What Is The Pinterest Board?

The Pinterest board is the collection of all your pins that you have liked or saved. A Pinterest board is important just to save your pins in an organized manner so that it becomes easy for you to locate them in future instances. You can download the images from the Pinterest board also but regardless of downloading them individually, you can use the “Pinterest Board downloader” and download all the pins on the board at one go.

Just like you create albums of saving items on Instagram, users create boards here but they are much more useful than Instagram albums. You should go on a theme for every single board and name them accordingly, like if you are interested in cars, cooking and food items make separate boards for them and save the car’s pictures and links on cardboard and food on the food theme board. 

Some Differences Between Them


To download pis or to view new images from different individuals you can watch and save pins. However, if you want to make a collection of all the pins that you liked from different individuals, you can create a board and name it according to relevance.


The pins that you save without a board are not visible to normal visitors to your profile but when you save all the pins on a board they become automatically available for the viewers. However, you can edit the board and make it a secret board, or you can share it with your friends only.


There are limits to everything that you can save on every platform and just like on Pinterest, you can save a maximum of 200,000 pins in your profile while you can only save 500 boards in your profile. Board includes all the boards that you have created for someone or boards that you kept private from people.

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