Wild Rift Game : All Major Things You Should Know

The league of legends is one of the most popular games on PC in the world right now and the Wild Rift is another riot games production mainly for the mobile gaming platform. The wild rift game came in the year 2020 for the users and it is also known as the modified version of the Summoners Rift. The game developers have worked hard on redesigning many of the game’s favorite characters and skins to make it more fresh and new for the users.

The mobile gameplay is still 5 vs 5 but the map that you get is a little smaller but you get different player abilities, new casts, and a good 15 minutes of gameplay. The company is ready to tie up with the Tencent games, which is one of the best when it comes to mobile gaming. So, now you can expect more interesting features and a more user-friendly interface while playing.

In the Wild rift game, you are supposed to move up by ranking u from tier one which is iron to the last tier which is the challenger. Each tier is subdivided into four sub-tiers from four being the lowest to the first being the highest. You need to win constant games to rank up. For players who are new to this game, the riot games even started a ranked fortitude system where a player never loses a point until a certain level to rank up faster. Even though some players who do not believe are wasting time using professional services like boosting rank from websites like rankrift.com, which is dedicated to boosting your rank rift rank and players can move up further at a faster rate.

The game is free to play and the riot games have put all their effort into making the game more playable and more enjoyable for the user by adding new characters, fresh abilities and made it free of cost to be downloaded. The beta version of this game is available in regions like North America, Middle East, Europe, Vietnam, Oceania, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia, CIS.

Like the original game made for the PC, the players and characters can be unlocked by playing games and leveling up but however just like the PC version, you can speed up the process of leveling up by purchasing characters and skins. Just like the blue essence which is the currency in the league of the legends PC version, the blue motes serve the people as the in-game currency\ to unlock the champions. Poro coins are another currency available in the game to buy other superhero stuff like the champion poses, emotes, and baubles. 

Wild Cores is known as the paid currency of the game which is available to buy character skins and other hero cosmetics. However, for now, the skins and other stuff resemble much like the league of legends stuff but surely one this game comes into every mobile, they will start rolling out separate skins and game stuff for the mobile version.

The gameplay is similar to the league of legends gameplay that you may have played on your PC. However, for smooth functioning on the mobile, some skills of the champions are adjusted to make it easier to play. Otherwise, the controls are the same, you get a dual control stick setup, with a left stick for moving your player and the right stick will assist you in aiming the abilities of your player.

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