Different Ways You Earn Chips In POP! Slots

Chips are the currency used in the POP! Slot casino games and these chips are very important for entering into bigger competition and jackpots. The more chips you have in your account the more games you can play. When you have more chips you have more chances of winning big in the game but if you have limited chips you won’t be able to compete and try your luck in various slots and thus you have a limited chance of winning big in the game.

There are several ways to earn chips in the game and some people even use unethical ways to earn those chips for free without doing anything. Now, you may be thinking that unethical ways could be dangerous and lead to ban or suspension of your account but it is not at all true, the game hacks like the chips generator are designed in a way that the game servers won’t be able to find out how these chips came to your account and you can utilize them in your game anytime.

If you want to earn free chips and move ahead of the other players, do visit the website PopSlotFreeChips.com, where you will be able to generate more chips and add them to your account easily. The procedure to earn those chips is very easy and you can read the whole instructions on the website. But apart from that if you want to earn chips in ethical ways daily, then you should look at these basic tips of the game below.

Every day Prizes

The Daily Prizes is an incredible way and this strategy rewards you with a huge amount of chips after you sign into the game. If you’ve been playing the game for a lengthy timeframe, you may have to restart the game so you can guarantee the prizes when you sign in again. The sum you gain from Daily Prizes alone ought to have the option to assist with getting you in a good place again to win more chips. Once you guarantee it, you won’t have the option to get more for 24 hours.

Level Up

Leveling up is an incredible method to get free chips, depending on your level, you could be given an absurd measure of chips free of charge. There are numerous approaches to step up in the game, yet the easiest strategy is to cultivate Shared Balloons in casinos. Leveling up additionally has different advantages like unlocking more Casinos to play in and giving you more prizes to get your hands on.

Prize Paths

The Prize Path is POP! Slot Casino’s version of a Battle Pass. Aside from loads of different prizes, it additionally remunerates you with countless Chips once in some time. This is a decent method to acquire them, however, it expects you to play a few games in request to step up your Prize Path. This technique is truly difficult and can’t be utilized when you’re quite bankrupt. However, it is an extraordinary method to increase your chips when you’re low.

Time Bonus

At regular intervals in the game, you are given few chips that can get you in a good place again. To guarantee these Time Bonuses, you’ll need to return to the main entryway and snap on the huge Yellow Balloon on the lower-center side of the screen. The sum you get relies upon your level, so it’s ideal to step up to increase your free stuff got.

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