Major Things To Know About Mersing Jetty

About Mersing Jetty 


Tioman Island is a notable island among Malaysian local people and it is arranged off the east shore of Peninsular Malaysia. This island is known for its display plunging alongside swimming exercises with perfectly clear greenish ocean water. Tioman Island is considered as one of Southeast Asia’s most amazing islands for its acclaimed biological and geographical heaven. 

Tioman Island is a piece of the Pahang domain; be that as it may, it is said to be much closer to the terrain of Johor. Therefore, venturing out to this island will be through ferry administrations situated in Mersing, Johor. This makes Mersing Jetty the principle door to Tioman Island. Explorers who want to take a ferry from this jetty are because of its nearby separation with Mersing Bus Terminal. 


Step by step instructions to Get to Mersing Jetty 


For Mersing local people, they can board a neighborhood open bus to find a good pace. It is the least expensive method for transportation accessible contrasted with taking a taxi. The bus excursion will most likely just take around 4 minutes, contingent upon the traffic. 

For voyagers from Johor Bahru, board the bus from Larkin Bus Terminal that goes legitimately to Mersing Bus Terminal. The bus ride typically takes around 2 hours or thereabouts, contingent upon the traffic also that may drag out the excursion. From Mersing Bus Terminal to Mersing Jetty is only a short 10-minutes walk. 

For Kuala Lumpur voyagers, board a bus/coach from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) to Mersing Bus Terminal, at that point stroll towards Mersing Jetty by foot upon appearance. The bus venture from KL to Mersing is around 4 hours. 


Well known Ferry Operators 


There is one ferry administrator that is notable in Mersing Jetty for shipping voyagers to a few villages in Tioman Island. In any case, there is no ticket counter accessible on Tioman Island for explorers to return to the territory. In this way, explorers are encouraged to purchase 2-path tickets from Mersing Jetty to maintain a strategic distance from frustrations. 

  • Blue Water Express 


  • Cataferry 


Top Features and Facilities 


Mersing is at first an angling village town situated at the east bank of Johor. In this manner, Mersing Jetty goes about as a primary entryway to a couple of excellent islands close by, for example, Tioman Island, Rawa Island, just as Besar Island. Being the primary ferry get and drop-off point to Tioman Island, the town is busy with numerous offices around the region of Mersing Jetty. 

The town additionally has numerous modest spending hotels for voyagers to look over just on the off chance that there is a difference in ferry plans after leaving to Tioman Island. Explorers ought to get ready for unforeseen timetable changes because of tidal issues every now and then. 


Top highlights: 


  • Protected holding up zone 


  • Washrooms 


  • Ticketing counters 


  • Lining paths 


  • Eatery 


  • Vehicle leave 


  • Banks 


  • Grocery stores 


  • Spending hotels 


Shutting Off 

Mersing Jetty goes about as the principle entryway that gives ferry transportation to Tioman Island alongside other close by islands. Being the focal travel point, Mersing Jetty has numerous offices encompassing the zone to take into account the voyagers needs before flight. 

Finding a good pace is very simple as well. Local people and explorers can board a bus and land at the close by Mersing Bus Terminal. From that point, they can walk 10 minutes to the jetty upon appearance. Explorers won’t have to stress since buses are the least expensive methods for transportation accessible there contrasted with riding a taxi.

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