Sakhalin Husky At a Glance

Sakhalin husky has always been one of the favorites of dog lovers. It is also known as Karufto Ken . This breed was earlier used as a sled dog, but sadly, this breed is becoming extinct day by day, hence, it is a very rare phenomena to find the dogs of this breed, but if you wish to be the proud owner of this breed, you need to find sakhalin husky- weight, height, age & more . Following is some basic information about this majestic breed

1.Origin : This dog originated in Japan, there, in the Soviet regime, these dogs were deployed in army services in twentieth century. It is also believed that these dogs have originated from Russia as well.

2. Appearance : These dogs are large in size and they seem to have healthy and strong bones. These dogs have well developed muscles with a strong, large head and triangular pointed  ears. The specialty of this breed is that it has such strong and well placed legs that that they can move both off the ground and snow crust.They are available in various colors, that is, gray, red, white and black. This furry canine’s weigh averagely from twenty five to forty kilograms and the maximum growth of the dogs is roughly seventy centimetres and the maximum growth of the bitches is  roughly fifty to sixty centimetres.

3. Temperament : These dogs have an excellent temperament, they are great companions and extremely dedicated towards their families. They are friendly and loving, and not at all stubborn. As these dogs have very powerful legs, they become great companions for extreme physical activity, they can run for miles at a time. They can happily accompany their owners in expeditions, treks, long walks, etc. These dogs are extremely social with kids and love to play with them. They are very attached to their families and they attack easily if they sense any threat to their family, also, they need a lot of attention and time from their owners otherwise they suffer from separation anxiety. They have a habit of being the dominant member of their family , so they need to be extensively and carefully trained from the beginning.

4. Health issues : These dogs have good health as they are bred to live in extremely cold and harsh conditions. Certain dermatological and genetic disorders can be found males. Also, deficiency of new blood can often lead to genetic disorders and may include eye diseases, diabetes mellitus, and malfunctions in the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

5. Maintenance : As this dog is a simple and highly functional dog, many points need not to be remembered for the basic maintenance. These dogs do not have any body odor and they do not drool too much, these dogs also do not require regular hair cuts, in fact, they need to be bathed only once in a year. They just need regular vaccines and occasional health check ups like other dogs do. Only the thing that needs special care are the ears, as the ears are the most sensitive part of a sakhalin husky, they need to be cleaned regularly and carefully.

6. Affordability: As this breed is close to extinction, the exact amount needed to buy this canine is unknown. However, the cost of this pet depends upon the factors like the class of the pet, the titles of the family that wants to the owner and the qualities of the available dog.

Having a dog at home is an absolute delight as they are great companions , loyal and faithful friends and they are cute as well so they make great selfie partners(that’s an added bonus)!


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