A Change That Made Me What I Am Today

Stories have always been a part of our lives that fill it with entertainment, inspirations and information. We keep coming across stories on a daily basis. Some are real while some are just to regale us. Some inspire and motivate us to take actions while some just make us laugh like a drain. Some make us happy with its comedy while some make us sad with its consecutive tragedies.

I will tell you a story completely different from all the others. It will inspire you and unfold few nods of intricacies and difficulties that hinder your survival as a working professional struggling in life just because of your own conventional doctrines and ethics.

This is the story of an accountant who had to struggle throughout his life playing with a long string of numbers and letters. How his conventional style of working dragged him down every time he wanted to rise. He indeed was very talented and industrious but his staying glued to his doctrines bestowed upon him by his family and the society made his life pathetic. Few incidents forced him to give up his bigoted principles and embrace new but highly productive ways that his conventions into pieces. The guy is no other than me. I will share my story with you that I got over my stiffness in terms of my principles and morals.

My new lab for experiments

After graduating from Delhi University in accounts as a major subject, I landed into a top MNC. My ability to deal with the numbers were the best part of me that gave me a face in the crowd and set me apart from everybody else around me

I was hired just because of my uninhibited capacity to knock down the numbers without being hit even once.

Why I kept falling down?

But the scenario here was completely different which had nothing to do with my being good with numbers. I was thrown out of the company because of my principles that suggested me not to use the technologies as it was considered to be equipment of the lames. My late submission of the projects fetched bad remarks which deteriorated my performance.

With the elapsing time, I became someone who used to be the last in any of the lists. The advent of GST made it even worse for me. I had a friend who made me understand the reason behind my lagging behind. It took me months to get the hang of what I was lacking in.

A gem that I found

I now knew how to walk neck to neck with the fast-changing market and I happily embraced the creations that were meant for our benefits only. Now using the technologies I could put an end to the tiring works like GST and other taxes within hours instead of taking weeks.

I changed and you too can…

I am now the very first to submit my projects and have been the recipient of 8 consecutive employees of the month awards in a row. My suggestion to you would be

  • Walk shoulder to shoulder with the time
  • Do not let your principles rule you
  • Embrace the inventions and technologies
  • Stay updated
  • Keep evolving

5 things to do to make it a great new year

Just like every other year, you must have made some commitments to yourself this year. We all have the tendency to begin our year with a lot of enthusiasm and hope. We make resolutions and convince ourselves that this year we are going to stick to our resolutions. However, our self-expectations take a dip once the first month of the year gets over.

So, what exactly happens that we fail to stick to the plan we make for ourselves and succumb to our old unhealthy habits? In our opinion, taking a resolution at the beginning of the year is not the solution to your problems. There are certain things that you need to do throughout the year that can bring out the real change and make you a better person than you are.

Here are the 5 things that you should start doing to make this new year a great one.

1. Start exercising

One of the things that most successful people will agree with is the fact that exercise plays an important role in the success of a person. So, this year take out the time to get some exercise every day and you will find amazing results in your life.

2. Meditate

There are 365 days in a year. When you think of having a great year, you must strive to make your day great. Meditating in the morning is a great way to start the day. Do it every day and you will start noticing the changes in your health and in your life.

3. Read more

Reading has a lot of benefits. Just like exercising the body, you need to spend some time every day exercising the mind. Reading is just like an exercise for the mind. Make sure to read more books this year. This will help you garner more knowledge on different subjects and you will become wiser.

4. Help others

Studies have shown that there are numerous psychological benefits of helping people. Being helpful can make you more socially oriented. You will have an amazing boost of self-confidence just by helping others in some way or another.

5. Be grateful

If you ever feel that there is a certain kind of loneliness in your life and you keep wondering how to get rid of it, you need to start being grateful. This is no joke. Being grateful makes you feel more connected to the world. You start feeling happier about yourself and the world around you.

These were some of the steps that when executed in your life can make it a great year. Follow these steps and you will see the benefits over time.

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Benefits of getting a quick loan

Financial need is one of the most important needs of human beings today. It is difficult to think of a life without money. There were times when people could not fulfill their dreams because they didn’t have enough money to support them. However, times have changed and today you have sources that can give you instant loans. You can use the money and pay it back in easy installments over a period of time.

Applying for loans has become really simple. Technology has made it really easy to get loans. Today, you can apply for a loan right from your smartphone. There are a lot of Fintech companies now that offer quick loans. You can get a list of all the companies with their details at Instant 1 Hr Loans. The website lets you check and compare the loan offers from various companies. You can reach the preferred company website directly from there and apply for loans. It’s that simple.

There are a lot of benefits of getting a quick loan. Here are some of the situations where instant cash loans can be used.

1. Medical emergency

There are times when you need money to support the treatment of your loved one. It is at times like these when you feel the need for some emergency fund. This problem can be solved by getting a quick loan.

2. Educational needs

You can use the funds from a quick loan to fund your kid’s educational needs. You can pay the fees, get study material and support your kid’s extracurricular activities with the money.

3. Wedding needs

A person’s wedding day is one of the most special days of life. Obviously, you will want it to be memorable. But, a good wedding can come with a cost. When there is so much to spend on a wedding, there is also the option to cover the expenses. You can get a personal loan quickly and make your wedding day very special.

4. Business needs

There may be times when you run short of funds for your business. It is at times like these when getting a quick loan can be really helpful. You can fulfill the needs of your business with the loans and then repay the money through the profit earned from the business.

5. Furniture needs

Often you may feel the need to get more furniture for your house. You may sometimes delay buying furniture due to the shortage of money. Getting a quick loan at such times can solve this problem. This is one of the best things you could do for your home.

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How to transcribe audio podcasts to text

As a content creator, one of the most important things that you should focus on is creating amazing content for your audience. There is nothing better than having content that helps people. While having great content helps you get more audience, there are other ways to get more followers for your content.

Audio transcription is one such thing that can really benefit you in terms of reaching out to more people and getting your content ranked on search engines like Google.

Since audio to text conversion is so important, you need to understand the different ways of converting audio to text. There are three methods of converting audio to text. Check out the methods and choose the one you find suitable.

1. Use premium transcription services

There are online transcription services that help you transcript audio files to text. These are paid services and are used by large corporations. If you have the budget to spend on professional service for converting audio or video files to text, this is a good option for you. Besides audio and video transcription services, these premium online transcription tools offer other services like translation, foreign subtitles, etc.

2. Use free online audio to text tools

These are tools that can be used for free. If you are new to digital marketing or if you are doing your marketing on a shoestring budget, online audio to text is right for you. You do not have to spend a penny for using this kind of tool. All you have to do is understand how to use them. One thing that you have to keep in mind when using this kind of tool is that you need a really quiet environment while recording your voice. This will help the tool in giving perfect results.

3. Do it yourself

Another thing that you can do for transcribing your voice to text is to do it manually. You can do this by listening to your audio or video file and typing it out as you listen. This is the oldest method in the book. The advantage of this method is that there will be very less chance of errors in the process as you will do the typing by yourself. However, you have to be very patient and listen very carefully while listening to the audio.


These were the three methods that you can use for transcribing your audio files to text. Do you know about other methods that need to be on this list? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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How I became a full-time gamer

My name is Bratt Johnson. I am a gamer and this is my story.

I was eight when I started playing video games. By the time I reached 18, I became a big-time gaming addict (which I still am). I was good with my grades. That was enough reason for my parents to not have any issue with my gaming habit. However, this changed when I reached college.

Throughout my school years, I somehow managed to do well at academics. But, once I completed my schooling and got into a college, things started going downhill. Suddenly, I started feeling the pressure of studies.

It was getting difficult for me to handle my gaming addiction and academics at the same time. I realized that I should get away from gaming. But, it wasn’t that easy. There was another problem.

I had been an introvert in my school days. Nothing changed in college. I was still hesitant in approaching people and making new friends. I found my escapade in gaming. The virtual world of gaming was my only source of fun and my only escapade from the real world.

However, there came a point in my life when I started feeling that gaming is something that has been holding me back from being my best. I started wondering if I should completely give up gaming.

That was when I met Jonathan. He is a junior from my college. I wouldn’t have known that we were in the same college if I didn’t happen to meet him at a Gaming Expo. Going to such gaming events was the only way I socialized.

At the Expo, it was Jonathan who approached me first and introduced himself. Initially, I wasn’t very interested in getting to know him. But, things started changing soon. Since that day, he started following me around and at one point in time, he even came to my place.

While I was certainly irritated by his actions, soon I realized that he was just following me only to convince me to form a team with him for a gaming contest.

While I was making efforts to get away from gaming, he was there to make me realize that I was only meant to be a gamer. I don’t know how I got so influenced by this guy, but it was only because of him that I became a full-time gamer.

I am 24 now. He is 21. We play together at world tournaments. We also have a Twitch channel which is growing popular. When we started streaming on Twitch, we had very few followers. We followed an unconventional approach and got some followers from a website. This is the website I am talking about:

Once we had enough following on our Twitch channel, we started making money. That is how we could afford to go to world tournaments every single year.

I dropped out of college 3 months ago. Jonathan is still wondering if I had taken the right decision. But, I am quite sure of what I want. My goal now is to create a platform for gamers to help them clear their head and pursue careers in gaming without a second thought. This is what keeps me going every day.

Types Of Taxes In The World

Have you have pondered over why the government makes us pay a fraction of our hard-earned money? What exactly do they do with the money that we pay as taxes? What is tax and how the citizens pay these in varieties of forms under plenty of names and norms?

A tax indeed is a compulsory financial charge that the government of a particular country or a place accumulates from the capable citizens who have gained financial independence and earns enough to sacrifice a part of it for the development of the place they reside in.

We often think of it as a waste of our personal money but paying taxes to the government of a country ensures our own development in terms of better prospects and infrastructure. The government invests the collected taxes in the development and pays to the government servants who serve the citizen through various services.

The idea of taxation is very crucial to businesses because governments can utilize this money back into the economy of the country in various forms as loans or other funding forms. Taxes help improve and push the standard of living in a country. The higher the taxes we pay, the better the standard of living. Pick any country with the best infrastructure and see the taxes paid to the government by the citizens.

Today in this article we will try to know about the most common types of taxes levied by the government on the citizens.

1. GST:

GST stands for Goods And Services Tax which is an Indirect Tax which has engulfed many Indirect Taxes in many of the countries like India and Canada. Goods & Services Tax is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax that is imposed on every value-added goods. The concept of GST is very complex and needs acute skills to nail it down.

2. VAT

VAT stands for Value-Added Tax which indeed is a consumption tax imposed on the consumers of any product where the vat is depicted on a product whenever a value is added at each and every stage that the product passes through.

3. HST

The harmonized sales tax (HST) is a consumption tax popular in Canada. The calculation of the HST became easier after the advent of the Ontario HST calculator. HST is a blend of Canadian goods service taxes and PST which stands Provincial Sales Taxes.

Ontario HST calculator is considered to be the best calculator developed for the calculation of Harmonised Sales tax.

4. Income Tax

Income tax is collected from all those who are financially independent and earn enough to share a fraction of it for the development of the country. Everybody who earns more than a certain amount has to pay income tax to the government.

It is indeed a tax that the government imposes on the income generated by the citizens of the businesses within the ambit of their jurisdiction.

It is very important to pay our taxes for the development of the country we live in. Our paying taxes ensures our own security. The government uses the amount collected by the individuals and the businesses to invest it back in the economy and infrastructure.

Hope you find this article helpful and informative. Do let us know your honest feedback through your comments.

How To Develop A Love For Mathematics In Students

The depleting interest of students in maths can be observed most commonly among students approaching high schools. The increasing difficulty level and length of the question drains the students out of the love for mathematics, forcing them to turn their faces away from the subjects of the legends. The rate of students dropping this subject just after completing high school is increasing continuously.

What possibly could be the reason behind this increased empathy for maths that can be seen in the students pursuing high schools?  Is it because of their inclination towards other subjects or because of the anxiety they are subjected to while studying maths?

Maths is not confined to the four walls of the schools..

Maths is not only used in schools and tuition centres. In fact, it has a wide range that accommodates almost every aspect of our lives. The lack of interest in mathematics among the children and students can hamper their mental growth.

A negative attitude towards mathematics could considerably reduce a person’s willingness to persist with a problem, his or her ability to critically and logically analyse anything and his or ability to make perfect decisions.

Fostering an interest in extracurricular activities may help

Students who are inclined towards extra-curricular activities apart from the core subjects are likely to develop an interest in mathematics. This constructive approach with emphasis on the affective dimensions of learning, on kindling positive motivation, with stress on solving concrete, authentic tasks may pep up students’ interest in mathematics. The more we know maths, the better our critical and analytical skills get.

Be the guides of your children

As concerned parents of a student who is continuously losing interest in maths because of the difficulty level, we can help the children out and kindle that fire for maths in him just by following few points.

  • By being an example to your children which will ultimately motivate them to be like you
  • Deliberately planning to bring day to day life maths in the children’s daily life
  • Motivating children to pay attention to the details on every aspect for developing their brain to match your expectations
  • Keep a birds-eye view on your child’s homework and make sure that he or she completes it honestly
  • By exposing your wards to the different brain games and mathematical puzzles
  • Keep researching and studying to get acquainted with the learning standards to incorporate it into the child’s life
  • Provide them with the books to Read that incorporate math

The above strategies are tried and tested by the researchers and scholars that ensure the mathematical development in the student if applied meticulously and with much thought.

It is very common to lose interest in the subject because of its difficulty level that keeps increasing after each class. So, we keep on coming across the increasing dropout rates and depleting performance cards. The only way to be better at maths is to do it regularly.

How To Choose Clothes For Yourselves

Whenever we think of shopping for a new wardrobe is a fun and rewarding experience, but it can be extremely grueling if we have little or no knowledge of where to start. Sometimes choosing clothes for different occasions may be daunting in terms of selecting the apt selection. No matter how good we look, but the selection of a wrong attire can play with your outward appearances which do matter to the people you get across on a daily basis in schools, colleges and at workplaces. The first impression is always the last. The way we dress shows what we think of ourselves as a personality.

It is crucial to select the clothes that add look good on you. So it is mandatory to select clothes accordingly. there are ample ways and means by virtue of which you can make your experience easy, stress-free, and affordable.

I will be sharing a few of the easiest but the most important tips that will water your style and fetch you compliments whenever you hit the street. People are going to see you the way you see yourselves. So be sure of the image you want to portray in the minds of others and plunge into the arena of styles.

Chalk out you need

The first and foremost thing you need to keep at the top of your mind before buying yourself any clothe is the purpose of buying it. Do you want it for partying with your friends in the evening or need it for the convocation after the completion of the degree? Is it for the date you are planning to have or you need it for the sports club? you need to chalk out everything before making your way into the store. You need to know what exactly do you want.

Decide your budget

After chalking out your needs and solidifying the picture of yourselves in your mind, you will have to decide your budget. You can not think of cramming your wardrobe with the classics with a petite wallet. You need to Figure out how much money you can dedicate for new clothes, and be sure to stay glued to your budget.

Know where do you want it from

The selection of the store that can cater to your need is of utmost importance as not every store keep everything. There are stores famous for their especially and provides you with what you exactly looking for. Choose which stores you visit based on what you need and how much are you willing to spend. You can check for a more detailed description of the clothes.

Trust your eyes more than your thoughts

Picking up anything from the store may put you in hot waters and may meddle with the image you want to portray in front of others. So trust your eyes and go for what soothes it. Feel the fabric and make sure that it becomes your skin after you put on the clothing you are buying.  Go for the things that you are automatically drawn to and invest in the items that you truly love and that makes you feel great. Trust your intuition and pick things that you think are cut out for you only. Don’t worry too much about current trends or styles.

Hope you like the article and the tips will indeed help you to pick the best clothing for yourself. Do let us know your honest feedbacks by commenting below.

Top Habits That Make Billionaires

We all have been allotted with the same amount of time in a day. How we use the time is of utmost importance. Some spent it in doing nothing while some use each and every second of it to the best of their ability. Using time productively is an art master by only a few. People who waste time in doing things that are worthless and unproductive will never be able to make a mark in the world and on the other hand who utilizes the time productively will always have something in the store of the future.

What is our routine?

How we spend our day is the only factor that decides what are we going to achieve in future. Our being great in any walks of life is directly linked to the way we use our time. What’s the first thing that we do after getting up from the bed? Do we get busy with our phone the moment we wake up or we browse through the motivational books to keep us pepped up throughout the day?

Habits are important, so form them

Whether you are a student who struggles with mathematics or a businessman who just opened a small shop at the corner on the street. You have to make the most of the time in your hand. Today in the article I would be talking of the top daily habits to make use the time in the best possible way and generate the maximum results.

Read books: Reading books are the best use of time. The leaders are readers. The more you read the better you become. Reading makes you listen to the minds of the great thinkers and clarifies your own thought. If you read a book in a month which means you read about 12 books a year is going to be proved to be a boon for you at the end of the day.

Learning skills: start cramming in you as many skills you can. Acquiring skill is the most important skill of the time which you need to survive and accelerate your progress in the world. Try learning new skills, be it any. As a student, you can learn skills to memorise the tables 11 to 20. As a businessman, you can learn to file GST and as a teacher, you can invest some time in learning a skill that may bring you closer to your students.

Meditate and exercise: Meditation keeps your mind healthy while exercise keeps the body healthy. People who meditate are seen to be more alert and productive. Meditation increases the capacity of your mind that controls the entire body on the other hand exercise keeps your body fit and prevent you from falling prey to any disease which ultimately increases your productivity.  It increases your concentration and improves the ability to think even during the shambles.

I have mentioned the top three productive habits that can be adopted to improve yourself for better prospects.

Bad habit influences bad habits and good habit influences good habits.

If you start with one of any habit and perform it without surrendering, these habits will influence even more habits. All the habits mentioned in the article are the most powerful habits that have made many billionaires in the world.

A Close Look At Tinder To Boost Your Dating

Tinder is an application that is entirely based on the location that enables its users to find the dating partner according to their preferences and needs. It allows users to like (swipe right) or dislike (swipe left) other users, and can proceed with chatting if the user gets a match on it.

Tinder is usually used as a dating site where the required information about the user on the other side is available. All the preferences, likes and dislikes of the partner can be found along with their pictures in many of the cases. Posting pictures on Tinder is entirely based on the user’s preferences. They are asked to put their bio for the other users to find you.

The application was originally created and developed  Hatch Labs which made its entry into the sea of the applications in 2012 and within a span of two years it was registering about one billion swipes per day. Tinder is among the first apps that had such features like swiping for partners based on their preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz, Alexa Mateen, Dinesh Moorjani, and Whitney Wolfe were the founder of tinder who later left Tinder to start another app known as Bumble.


There are times when a user may like the person but may not like their preferences and priorities. So the app has this feature for the ease of the users. But Tinder does have some limitations as many of its features are accessible only when you pay some charges if you want to access these features and increase the numbers of faces that appear on the screen. There is nothing to worry about. There are indeed many similar apps and websites that are completely devoid of these limitations and comes free of cost. Check and see it works for you the way it worked for others.

I would personally recommend you download the app from the play store and is damn easy to get versed with.  You are sure to love the features that it provides to its users. But any unethical or immoral activity can put you in hot waters. Many cases have been observed which are indeed nauseating and obnoxious.

So I would like to share a few tips to help you with the online dating game. The tips are sure to help you and make sure that you stay glued to it without any improvisation.

  • Don’t worry about the daunting numbers that may hit your inertia
  • Get a high-quality picture
  • Avoid wearing shorts if you are not on the beach
  • The  photo should show your face perfectly
  • Dress Well in Your Pics
  • Do Give Your Profile Some Personality
  • Don’t Make Your Profile Sound Like a Résumé

Tinder has a place for everybody irrespective the caste, colour, region, religion and gender. You can find the mate of your personal preferences on this application and the sites created by the professional to cater to the needs of others. The best of the app is that it is damn easy to use and generate better results as compared to that of the other apps available on the internet.

I hope you liked the article. Do let us know your honest feedback and help us to improve so that we keep coming up with more of it.