Know Everything About Famous TikToker Anirudh Sharma

Anirudh Sharma is a famous social media star in India. With 850k+ followers on Tiktok, he is indeed one of the most famous social media personalities in India. He is famous for posting tik tok videos and producing content on fashion and lifestyle through his Instagram handle. Anirudh even has 500k+ fans on his Instagram account which makes him a successful social media creator. 

Personal Life

His native place is Mumbai where he was raised in his childhood. He is quite popular for his hairstyle, hero-type looks, and cool personality. He was born with the zodiac sign of Leo on August 8, 1995, and due to his good and charming looks, his content became very popular within some days. Until now, he has gained over 625k+ followers on Instagram and his youtube handle has over 450k+ subscribers and this number is still rising. He was studying in Canada when he started producing social media content. 

Family and Relationship

He never really opened up when it comes to his family during interactions, but some genuine sources tell us that he is from a Hindu family who resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Some people even ask him about his marriage life but he is not married yet, but as per sources tel; us he is dating another social media celebrity “Mrunal Panchal”. He currently lives in Pune, Maharashtra. Both of them are usually seen in videos together and also they post their photos on social media platforms like Instagram. Females have a huge crush on him due to his chocolate boy image. Mrunal and Anirudh met online and after working together they thought of being together in real life too. People out there think that he got fame just because he is Mrunal Panchal Boyfriend

Career, Achievements, and Net Worth

Anirudh has said in interviews that he had an inclination towards fashion from starting but never got an opportunity to pursue it as a career. He got a chance after becoming a social media sensation and he took the opportunity to be a fashion icon. Like every social media star, he is thankful to the audience who loves him and who have accepted him. He thinks that it is his duty to inspire people and make them realize that they can achieve something in life through his social media content. He posts videos on lifestyle and fashion and inspires people to pursue their dreams. 

The main reason for his popularity today is the content that he made on the tik tok application. With over 850k+ followers on TikTok, he has a strong fan base in the youth. As the TikTok application was removed from the Indian market, he made all his videos on Instagram reels. With 623k+ followers, it has a huge base on Instagram. Instagram posts made him famous in a very limited time. As a fashion icon, he has tried almost every outfit like kurta, hip-hop stuff, and some gully boy attires. Through his Instagram posts, you can see that he has a very charming and colorful character. He is deeply moved by his passion for singing which gave him new heights in his career. His debut song Tom Cruise with his girlfriend Mrunal Panchal will soon come on Youtube. 

Some reports predict that his net worth lies somewhere around $5 million. He is said to earn this much wealth from his primary career which was TikTok and also from his youtube channel which has been monetized and from social media like Instagram.

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