How to choose the best heater for your home

Today in the modern era heaters have become a very essential need to deal with the cold winters. Every household is installed with a heater in the areas that faces snowfall throughout the year. Because it is pretty important to keep our space warm and cozy, heaters have become the most recommended appliance that can be used to do so. 

Every one of us eagerly waits for the winter to come. Those long chilly nights, falling temperatures with colored mufflers tied around the neck and gloves on the hand, enjoying the frosty mornings. All winters come with something amusing to offer, no matter wherever we may be. Winter is a season of laziness when we get offended to come out of our bedrooms, and in that situation, heaters can be a sheer blessing for all of us.

Choices for a room heater may differ from person to person according to their needs and budgets referred to that. Many types of room heaters are available in the markets like the fan/blower, infrared room heater, halogen heater, quartz heater, radiant room heaters, oil-filled radiators, etc. All these heaters differ in consideration with heater type, heating capacity, energy efficiency, safety features, and noise levels.

If you are on a particular budget and want to install a heater on your place, then this article is for you where you can have researched details of two different selected heaters that can suit your expectations, i.e. comparison between quartz heater Vs halogen heater.

  • Both the halogen and the quartz heater offer medium infrared heat that glows in orange-dim colors.
  • Halogen heaters tend to have a life span of 3,000 to 7,000 hours while quartz heaters offer lifespan between 5,000 to 7,000 which is little more than the halogen heater because of the gold plated quartz bulbs that play a major role to extend the heating areas and longevity of these lamps.
  • Quartz heater is slightly more expensive than halogen heater and is best suitable for large open areas like terraces and gardens.
  • During the process of heating, a quartz heater emits a relatively sufficient amount of light but the light emitted by a halogen heater is brighter than quartz heater.
  • Halogen heaters have a wind-sensitive heating element where a little loss of heat occurs due to the influence of wind. While quartz heaters work like a sun that can travel through all obstacle pores to give up the warmth and there is no loss of heat due to wind influence.
  • Quartz heaters are suitable for sheltered patios to give your home a new glorious look, while halogen heaters are suitable for both windy and sheltered patios.
  • Quartz heater only heats what is in front of it, not the whole room while a halogen heater has much more wide area heating capacity.

Above mentioned are some of the reviews regarding quartz heater Vs halogen heater. Quartz heaters are easily portable radiant heaters, specially designed with double heat settings to provide you with better warmth without any noise. Quartz heaters use its infrared rays to radiate heat to the surrounding areas based on the principle of radiation of heat. It can be regarded as a user choiceable heater for its energy efficiency and twin-quartz tube and a major tip-over safety switch to cut off power. 

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