Parents Want Free Fifa Coins

Loretta Matthews, Edward Matthews, Natasha Matthews and Harry Matthews live in Colarado, USA. The Matthew family is a typical happy go lucky family, the parents work as real estate agents, Natasha is a college student in the same town and she babysits in her free time and Edward is a fifth grader. All of them start their day together on the breakfast table and end their day with having dinner and watching an episode of their favorite show F.R.I.E.N.D.S . They enjoy their weekends by going to picnics on bright sunny days in the park, they go for swimming every Sunday morning in the local pool. They are the perfect family with love, affection and lots of fun.

Mrs. and Mr. Matthews decided to make a change in their routine, they planned to make each Saturday a movie night. It will be an interesting change for them and also, movie on Saturday will break the monotony of the week. Every one agreed to this exciting plan and they decided that Harry will be the first one to pick the first movie, to which he agreed.

Then came Saturday and Harry picked Avengers: The Endgame which was his favorite. Ironman is his favorite superhero and he was rooting for him throughout the movie, He loved the movie, in fact everyone did but Harry cried as his favorite superhero died in the movie. Everyone enjoyed the movie with popcorn, sodas, nachos, chocolates and mom-made pancakes. The next week’s movie is now to be picked by Natasha. Natasha was really excited to show her choice to everyone as she knew that everyone would love the movie she has chosen.

On the next Saturday all the snacks were ready, that is, burger , fries,and chocolate pudding and of course, the house was filled with the fragrance of popcorn, without which every movie is incomplete. So,  Natasha played her movie which was A Walk to Remember. Everyone groaned that the movie was boring and they don’t want to see it, but everyone had no choice but to watch the movie. Everybody started crying towards the end of the movie as it was too emotional and finally, Natasha was proud of her choice.

The next Saturday was Mrs. Matthew’s choice and she chose the movie The Holiday. It was such a light hearted movie that everyone enjoyed it with a bucket full of popcorn ,cans of soda and chocolate mousse.

The next Saturday was Mr. Matthew’s choice and his choice was a horror movie,that is, The Exorcism of Emily Rose because it was Halloween night. All of them gathered in the living room with the left over trick or treat candy and popcorn to watch dad’s choice. It was so scary that Natasha and Mrs. Matthews hid under the blanket and refused to complete the movie. So after a lot of convincing, all of them finished the movie and went to bed. But, Natasha was still terrified, she couldn’t sleep, she kept hearing strange noises and hid under the blanket thinking that’s just her fear calling out. Next night she could hear the voices again , she refuted this again and slept. She again heard the same noise and now she gathered all her courage and went downstairs. To her surprise, she saw her mom dad playing online game FIFA and shouting at each other as they were opponents in the game. Natasha took a sigh of relief and went back to bed. Next morning she asked her parents that how were they playing because she needed some coins to play. Her parents told her that they used free fifa coins to play uninterrupted.

The Matthews family thoroughly enjoyed their movie marathon and decided to make it a monthly affair.

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