Instagram Celebrity Reveals All!

Being an Instagram celebrity seems so easy, isn’t it? I mean, getting all the attention, all the free stuff, earning money without going anywhere, wearing fancy clothes and just smiling towards the camera. Well, this was my thought process too before I interviewed the famous Instagram celebrity Leena. With a loyal following of three million users, Leena enjoys attention from every age group, especially teenager girls, just because of the lifestyle and fashion choices she makes. She has been in this business since five years  and plans to continue to create consumable content till the time she has the energy to create it.

So, I began the interview by the most expected question”What do you feel about the fact that there is an entire generation looking at you to be inspired  and influenced? Do you feel empowered or pressurized?” Leena smiled slyly and replied:”I am well aware that a lot of youngsters follow me and my work on Instagram, I know that they feel inspired by what I do, but honestly I do not feel empowered, whatever I do is from my heart, I do not wish to be an inspiration because I believe that every person is special in their own way, they should be strong enough to make their own mistakes and learn from them, rather than copying me. But still, there are some times that I feel extremely pressurized because I have to fulfill in-numerous expectations that sometimes I forget that I am only human.”

She was smiling eye to eye and then I asked her another question-“You have been allegated in some situations to be rude and proudy, what do you think about that? ” She laughed heartily at it and replied- “See I wouldn’t deny my rudeness because on the internet there are two types of people, one type motivate and appreciate you and the other type are the ones who try to tear you down by passing lewd comments or giving me unsolicited advice, so to set such people straight, I need to be rude, shrewd and extremely blunt. I have even blocked some accounts because they were extremely disrespectful of me and as long as me being proud is concerned, so yes, I am proud of myself, I am proud that I clawed my way here, myself with my hard work and if some people have a problem with my attitude, they can stop following me. ”

Honestly, I was extremely to interview see such a confident and bold girl, she reminds me of my younger self, so I continued with my interview by asking”What do you think about body positivity? ” She answered- “I think body positivity is the most inclusive, motivating and confident building mindset. I am a strong believer in being comfortable in your own skin, I believe that every living being on the face of this earth is beautiful and every man or woman(tall or short, fat or thin, fair or dark ,etc) have the right to look the way they are, ”

In the end, I took a favor from Leena, it was my brother’s birthday, so I took some instagram caption ideas for brothers to go along with an adorable picture of us(she laughed and obliged my request and suggested me a lot of good captions). So,to sum this up, I came to a conclusion that no matter what people do, there are struggles in every life, be it personal, professional or emotional, we cannot compare our personal battles with others as everyone is fighting their own.

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