What To Choose Between Friend OR the Person You Are Dating

Most of the youngsters of this generation are dealing with these specific issues as they have to choose between their best friend or their girlfriend/boyfriend. This is a very common phenomenon which is the root behind many breakups of friendships or relationships. People are living with choices nowadays and mostly the boys are living in this situation, as they have to choose between their best friends and their girlfriend. 

In my opinion, even if you are given a choice to choose one always choose your friends as the situation is mostly given by your partner who is insecure about your friends. How can you leave a 10-year-old friend over a relationship where you have known your partner for only 2 years. It is not correct to do so. We all know there are certain situations where you have to put your partner first but not always. If your partner always asks you to choose between you and your friends then you are not dating him/her, you’re a puppet that means nothing to them but they have full authority on you and they feel you will do everything as they expect things to be. 

This is most common in girls as they want their guy to be perfect and be available for them every time they need but when their man needs time, or they ask their girl to stay away from someone they always come up with some kind of explanation like I have known him from past 2 years, he’s my best friend, I am bust somewhere or anything. They want to live life freely by asking their men to stay with them and never talk or make any girl as his friend in his life. Maybe girls reading this might get a little high but this is what reality looks like. Why only you can make male friends and why can’t men make female friends?

If you are in a relationship where you both are dating each other while never demanding each other’s attention, you are going to be successful in your relationship and friendship. If you are able to understand that friends hold a significant part in both of your life you are going to survive in your relationship. If you both know that someone’s privacy is important and yet you both are loyal to each other, you both are going to live your relationship without frustration and irritation. 

When you end up making situations to choose one for yourself, then you are never going to be happy if you choose the person who is putting up the situation. A true friend can see through it even those things which will look sine to you while dating because on average people become 35 percent dumber once they start dating. and, if your 10 years old friend picks up this situation and asks you to choose between him/her or your partner then you must listen to your friend’s advice on this matter as he/ she can see what you people cannot see when you are blindly dating each other from a couple of years. Maybe, it can be possible that if you are dating from last 8-9 years and have conflicts, it can be possible that you two have some personal differences and they need to be sorted by you only and even in this time your friend would never ask you to choose one as you have dated for so long and you must have known how exactly the person is from inside out. Here

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