All About Geewa And Its Two Most Popular Games

Geewa is a game developer and producer from Prague, Czech Republic and it was founded in 2005. Geewa is a private organization that creates and publishes multiplayer games for most mobile devices only. Geewa is the short form used for Gaming for Everyone, Everywhere and With Anyone and this can be seen in their games as well which can be played with anyone and everywhere in the world.

At the initial time, they launched six games based on the concept of free to play games for everyone around the globe. From the year 2009, geewa started making games for Facebook and launched a pool live tour which became very famous at that very time with more than 50 million-plus user base. After some time they even developed some more games like Munchie Mania, On Words, and Prima Kvizy. But the most successful game of their company came in the mid of 2018 which was named Smashing four. The game was able to list its name in the 200 most popular games in the United States.

The company has many games in their lineup but two of the most successful games included pool live tour and smashing four. Let’s know about these two games and explore what they offer and why they became their best games ever published by geewa.

Pool Live Tour

The pool game is very simple and has reasonable graphics that can be found in a 40 MB game. But the gameplay itself makes it interesting for the player to invest most of their time into this game. The game was initially limited to Facebook in the year 2010 when it was launched and later on, it came on android devices after some years of consistent users who played it on Facebook. You get pool coins that can be used to compete against other players from all over the world. Pool coins are also used to upgrade your cues and other game stuff but it takes time to collect those coins.

Also, the cues need to be purchased apart from the one which is found at the beginning of the game. There is an option in the game by which you can customize the color of the balls. The game graphics help you in guiding where you have to shoot and aim for the pocket. The game can be played online only and you have to take turns simultaneously.

Smashing Four

Smashing Four is another online multiplayer game produced by geewa in 2018 and it follows the same gaming policy as the pool live. You have to take turns simultaneously and defeat your opponent with the least possible moves. This game however became more famous as compared to any of the games ever made by geewa including pool live tour. 

This game is based on strategy and the gameplay is very easy to understand. You have character cards who are your heroes and you have to make a squad of four characters and put them in the arena against the opponent’s team. The characters can be upgraded from the in-game store but you have to purchase gems for collecting character cards. However, in the game, you can utilize the smashing four cheats and you can get all the paid stuff for free. As compared to the pool game it has eye-catching graphics that is a huge plus for the game

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