Know Everything About The Clash Royale Game

Clash Royale is a highly successful virtual multiplayer combat battlefield that is one of the highest-grossing games on both the Google Play store and apple store. Created by the very same creators as Clash of Clans—Supercell—the gameplay casts players with opponents all over the globe in high and fast-paced encounters. 

Game Features

  • Earn your boxes to activate prizes, obtain potentially powerful items and update existing stuff. 
  • Break the opposition’s buildings and capture the Crowns to receive the Crown’s epic vaults. 
  • Create and update your Battle Royale community cards set together with hundreds of your beloved Clash warriors, casts, and protections. 
  • Create your supreme combat set to beat your enemies. 
  • Step through various battlefields all the way up to the top edge  
  • Create a Tribe to exchange items and create your own combat group. 
  • Keep challenging your Clanmates as well as your colleagues to a personal battle. 
  • Practice various fighting techniques by watching professional matchups on Royale Television.

The Main Motive Behind Game

Utilizing a deck of eight different cards, you generate different units onto the war zone in order to take down your rival’s three pinnacles all while shielding your own. Each round lasts three minutes and whoever takes out the most pinnacles dominates the game. If any player takes out their rival’s middle pinnacle, they will consequently dominate the match.

Know About Cards

Cards are what you use to play units onto the combat zone. There are over a little more than 50 different cards in the game, and each card has different capacities, details, qualities, and shortcomings. The game begins you off with a full fight deck of cards — which is eight — however you can gather more cards as you play the match and dominate matches. 

Not all cards are made equivalent; some are significantly more extraordinary to discover and some you can just discover whenever you have stepped up sufficiently high to fight in different battlefields.


  • Type Of Rare Cards


There are three different rarities of cards in the game — normal, uncommon, and epic. Regular cards are easy to discover in a wide range of chests, while epic cards are more enthusiastically to drop by, and generally require silver or gold chests to obtain.


  • Enhancing Cards


As you win combats, you’ll gather chests and have the option to open them. The chest holds gold, pearls, and the main cards. 

While chests can give you new cards, they will a great deal of the time give you copies of cards you as of now have. Social affair copy cards will allow you to step up your current units which cause them to turn out to be all the more remarkable.

In-Game Currency

There are two different monetary forms in Clash Royale — gold and game. Gold is fundamentally utilized for redesigning cards and purchasing cards from the shop. You’ll get gold by opening chests and winning matches. 

Gems are fundamentally utilized for opening chests early, the additional time left on the commencement to open a chest, the more jewels it will cost you to open. Gems are additionally found in chests. Both gold and chests can be purchased with genuine cash by means of in-application purchases.

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