Know Everything About The Jamaican Income Tax Rules

Income tax is paid by every individual who is getting paid, gaining any profits, or receiving some gains from any other sources. Very individual, firm, partnership, or self-employed people are liable to pay income tax to the government of Jamaica. There are major reforms about the Income Tax in Jamaica and there are certain rules and amendments made according to the different categories of people or businesses. Read about all the income tax policy related to individuals or businesses here.

Normal People 

People, for example, independently employed people, accomplices and workers/beneficiaries taxed under the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) framework, however, who likewise have different kinds of revenue notwithstanding their compensations or wages -, for example, lease or a business “as an afterthought”, MUST document their yearly income tax return utilizing a Form IT01. 

Keep in mind, people whose solitary type of revenue is from compensation and wages, benefits, bank revenue, profits, and additionally other income that is now taxed at source are as of now not needed to present a yearly income tax return, except if they are coordinated to do as such by the tax authority. 


Organizations working an enrolled organization should finish a Form IT02, to report the income and tax obligation. In the event that a chief gets income from the organization that isn’t taxed at source on the organization’s finance, at that point the individual should document their own tax return, reflecting income from all sources utilizing the IT01 form. 

Associations, building communities, and so forth 

All associations, for example, organizations, building social orders, trusts or perished homes, and social orders enrolled under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act should utilize a Form IT03 to document their income tax returns. 

Keep in mind, in spite of the fact that it is the individual accomplices that are taxed, a return demonstrating the absolute income of the organization is required. What’s more, each accomplice should record an individual return Form IT01 demonstrating a lot of the benefit/misfortune notwithstanding income from different sources. 

Life Insurance Organizations

Life insurance organizations are also liable to pay taxes to the government of Jamaica, however, they are only asked to fill the form IT04 which is made solely for life assurance funds only. There are no such obligations that you may face while filing an income tax return for an insurance organization.

Retired people and PAYE people 

A Form IT05 is to be finished by a beneficiary and some other individual taxed under the Pay As You Earn framework whose kind of revenue is from pay rates or wages, annuities, profits, bank revenue, and other income from which tax has been deducted at source while guaranteeing a discount in an overabundance of their right risk. 

Keep in mind, while presenting a discount guarantee retaining tax, testaments or potentially representatives P24 should be connected to confirm taxes deducted at source. Kindly note, nonetheless, that if income is additionally earned from different sources, for example, rental or from a business on the “side”, the individual ought not to utilize the IT05, they rather should utilize the Form IT01.

All these forms are available online from the official site but you can even try the offline options by visiting any of the 29 tax offices spread all over the Jamaican region. For more information visit their official site or reach them through their toll-free number.

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