Best Countries For Indians to Earn Money

Although there are many job and work opportunities in Indian itself, still many people choose to go out to other countries to earn money. There are a lot of countries preferred by Indians and most importantly you can see a lot of India already working there and sometimes in the majority at some organizations. The countries we are going to mention here are based on the safety, personal preferences of major people, and of course, availability of work for Indians. Here are some of the major countries that are loved by Indians to work and earn money.

United States Of America

There is no doubt that Indians love to travel to the United State for work as it is the top paying economy in the whole world with lots of work opportunities for Indians. Not only Indians but most of the people around the globe have a dream to work here and earn in US dollars. Although a large number of people come to live here with the sole purpose of getting work, Indians are preferred in many sectors in the United States. Living in the United States, you will see many Indians are usually employed in manpower services, healthcare sectors like surgeons, and many engineers working in the corporate sector.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is yet another place where Indians can be seen in many jobs and you can literally find them everywhere you go. The United Kingdom also prefers smart and hard-working people and they believe that no one is more responsible and hard wording as Indians. Indians are scattered all over the major cities in the United Kingdom and if you are planning to go out and earn in pounds, then this is the best option for youngsters to start their career with excellent pay at most of the organizations.

United Arab Emirates

No other country can pay you better than the Arab countries and especially the United Arab Emirates. People here have huge paychecks and good working hours with lots of facilities as a perk over regular salary. If you are earning a good amount in the UAE, then you can literally go anywhere in this world and enjoy without thinking about your budget. Income tax norms here are also favorable for the people, and this attracts many foreigners to invest in their country, and especially Indians go there to start their jobs and businesses. You may find the best way to find salary/Tax in UAE on google and compare it with other countries and decide for yourself.


Many Indians and most of the Punjabi’s for sure prefer to live in Canada, as it is a very peaceful country with lots of Indians working even in the government of Canada. Punjabi is the third official language in Canada after English and French and you will be able to identify a lot of Indians working here in almost every sector. Canada could be a good option for people who are looking for warm culture and a peaceful life with lots of Indian people nearby.

Saudi Arabia

Yet another middle east country, that is preferred by Indians to live and work. Saudi has had good relations so far with the Indians and they are happy employing Indians in their work. Indians are very common here and the payout that they get in return is also excellent. So, if you are thinking about the Middle East region and you want to see how luxurious life can get, you can try working in Saudi Arabia.

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